Student, father open movie rental kiosk in Falcon Food Mart



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A new movie rental option has been brought to Bowling Green by University sophomore Tyler Kanary and his dad, Tom Kanary.

Flixs2go, a DVD rental kiosk similar to Redbox, now sits at Falcon Food Mart on 309 S. Main St. after Kanary and his dad decided to test their luck in the business.

“Flixs2go is a bigger company that sells the kiosks, so all we had to do was buy the kiosk from them and find a spot to put it,” Kanary said.

Before deciding to put their Flixs2go kiosk in Falcon Food Mart, the Kanarys talked to a woman in Pennsylvania who owned 50 kiosks to learn where she had the most success. Her kiosks were located in large grocery store chains like Meijer and Walmart.

Before deciding on Falcon Food Mart as the place for their kiosk, the Kanarys had to consider their options, since Meijer and Walmart in Bowling Green already have Redbox kiosks.

“The thought process was that since it’s a grocery store it would have more business and more families than a gas station,” Kanary said.

Flixs2go became available at the beginning of January, and Falcon Food Mart Manager Issa Baiz has noticed his customers gaining interest in the new feature of the store.

“I’ve noticed people looking at it and some go up and check it out,” Baiz said.

Kanary, however, wants to bring in new customers to the store so people know Flixs2go is there.

Falcon Food Mart wants to promote Flixs2go as well by eventually offering the movies as a product for delivery.

“One thing I didn’t know is that Falcon Food Mart literally delivers everything, so once we get it set up, it’d be perfect to get the movies delivered to your house,” Kanary said.

Junior Bridjet Mendyuk used to rent her movies from Blockbuster, but with it going out of business Jan. 22, she figured she may have to resort to Redbox. The idea of Falcon Food Mart delivering the movies from Flixs2go stood out to her though.

“It’d definitely be convenient to have the movies delivered instead of having to go to the store,” Mendyuk said. “I used to have things delivered from there (Falcon Food Mart) all the time.”

Baiz said Flixs2go is providing convenience to the people of Bowling Green.

“There are no movie rental places in the area, nothing in the middle of the town,” Baiz said. “It’s convenient for anyone around BG because they can just walk here. Plus it’s the newest movies, and you’ll find some stuff here not at Redbox.”

Kanary purchases all the movies to put in the Flixs2go kiosk, which means it has the newest DVDs available.

“We choose which movies go in there,” Kanary said. “Since I live in BG, I’ll go out, buy the movies the day they’re released and put them in the kiosk that day. So, we have movies before Redbox.”

All new releases cost $1.50 per day and after a month as a new release, the movies cost 99 cents.

“That’s really cheap compared to Blockbuster where it costs like $5.99 to rent a new movie,” Mendyuk said.

The Kanarys also decide how many of each movie to include in the kiosk, but the website also allows members to reserve a movie and then pick it up later.

Falcon Food Mart is now offering a free movie rental with the purchase of any large pizza and Baiz said it plans on having more promotions for Flixs2go in the future.

“It brings in extra traffic and we always wanted to do something like this,” Baiz said. “I think it’s a good idea.”

Kanary also created a Twitter account, @flixs2go, for the Falcon Food Mart location for people to see what new movies will be in the kiosk.