‘80s style still rocks today’s fashion scene

Reporter and Reporter

My nana always told me fashion repeats itself and to never throw anything out because someday it’ll be back in style.

While I don’t have enough closet space (yet) to keep all of my past purchases, I definitely agree the newest fashion trends are simply recreations and twists on past fashion statements.

I was thinking about ‘80s fashion trends and was shocked at how many of the trends I was guilty of bringing back.

One ‘80s trend I used to scoff at were leg warmers, yet this past winter, I wore a nice, toasty pair of leg warmers almost everyday. I’d pair them with my short, slouchy combat boots and tight skinny jeans, rather than a leather mini skirt or tennis shoes like the ‘80s.

Speaking of mini skirts, yes they were popular in the ‘80s, but have they really ever gone out of style? I wasn’t born in the ‘80s, but I’ve had a mini skirt, or three, in my closet my whole life.

Maybe they are a 1980’s style, but I like them and if you can, why not rock out a short skirt at night?

An ‘80s style any girl can, and should, rock is neon colors. Those who know me well would be surprised to hear me say this since my closet consists of varying shades of black and, my favorite, gray.

Right now, anything neon is in — skirts, dresses, jewelry and even neon colored jeans. While I’m not a colorful enough person to rock out a neon dress, I absolutely love the idea.

Instead, I get my little dose of neon by painting my nails a bright and dramatic pink, green or yellow and wear an obnoxious pair of neon sunglasses.

Another 1980’s style I love is acid-washed jeans. Maybe they aren’t back in fashion, but I’m certainly trying to bring them back.

I haven’t seen many in stores or in magazines, but it’s easy to make your own acid-washed jeans with a few strategic splashes of bleach. I wear my acid-attempted jeans all the time, and consider them a staple of my own personal fashion identity.

There is one ‘80s trend I am embarrassed I participated in three decades late. I am guilty of buying, and wearing, a bedazzled, shoulder-padded shirt.

I don’t think this style really ever should or will become popular like in the ‘80s, but I think some musicians, like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, are pulling inspiration from 1980’s shoulder pads. The shoulder pads look great on stage or the red carpet, but I don’t think we will be seeing any shoulder pads in the real world anytime soon.

The ‘80s definitely had good and bad trends, like any decade, but one trend I wish had never ended was the big hair.

I love big hair. I wish it was acceptable to have big 1980’s hair on a daily basis. While I don’t tease to the ‘80’s diva standards, I do tease it as high as possible for a night out.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a girl around campus with a few too many ‘80s inspired trends, it’s just me wishing I was born a fashion decade earlier.