Superhero’ contest showed intolerance

Congrats, BGSU, you have upheld the reputation that the University is a place for rape, disrespect and lack of caring.

Last Thursday I competed in a “Super Hero” contest with the best intention to give my winnings to Vision, a group that tries to make the University a better place not just for the gays, but for all people.

I spoke of using my “super powers” to promote HIV awareness, the need for blood donation to be inclusive to clean people, and for women’s rights.

But as seen a lot lately, the University is more about covering its ears and maintaining the status quo.

When I was 12 years old, my parents and I were on a trip to Toledo, we passed by the stadium where BGSU was proudly displaced.

What came out of my dad’s mouth when I said “Maybe I want to go there to college”?

What idea has been up held by the Pub-goers voting for “Monkey nuts,” whose powers are “thrusting” and who had been bullying other contestants that evening?

Answer: the fact that the University has a high rape rate and tolerates the ideas that have caused it!

I was around 12 years old when a girl down the street who went to the University was raped in the bathroom (have you ever wondered why there are locks on the dorm bathroom doors?).

Would people admire Super Man or Wonder Woman or Spider Man if they acted like “Monkey nuts”? Ah, no.

Yes, I am bitter. Fine, call me a sore loser.

But what does it say when a couple of women-dissing, non-condom-using bullies win a “Super Hero” contest, while a hero that is out and about bringing attention to important issues is left with nothing but humiliation?

Though I thank the wonderful people who voted for the real heroes, I must raise my glass to the University for proving once again why this school is stereotyped as a place that does not care about the ideas that make people think date rape or having sex with a a drunk partner is OK.

– Jennifer Dietsch Senior, Psychology