Police Blotter for Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22 2:05 A.M. Nicholas M. Jordan, of Cincinnati, was cited for underage under the influence of alcohol, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct in McDonald East Hall. Brian Comerform, of Cincinnati, was cited for disorderly conduct. 3:23 A.M. Logan McPheron, of Lima, Ohio, was cited for drug trafficking and drug paraphernalia in Lot 6 overflow. THURSDAY, APRIL 23 11:40 P.M. Complainant reported a fight between eight females and one male at McDonald Hall West. Two subjects were given a verbal warning for disorderly conduct. FRIDAY, APRIL 24 1:19 A.M. Complainant reported a fight between two male subjects at the Union. Subjects were sent on their way. 3:04 A.M. Verbal warning for a subject being intoxicated in the roadway on Thurstin Avenue. SATURDAY, APRIL 25 2:00 A.M. Hall staff reported a female possessing a PED to Offenhauer West, where she is not a resident. The female subject was gone on arrival. 2:12 A.M. Complainant reported a male subject took a resident’s keys. Keys were returned prior to officer’s arrival. 2:14 A.M. Kelsey Pinney, of Prospect, Ohio, was cited for willful wanton disregard for safety, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and prohibited acts on Merry street. 2:37 A.M. Complainant reported a female non-student did not sign in at Offenhauer East. Officers were unable to locate the female. 4:26 A.M. Complainant reported an assault in the 2-ride van at the Enclave. University Police assisted Bowling Green city police. SUNDAY, APRIL 26 12:08 A.M. Officer observed two male subjects with fake swords in front of Commons. Subjects had gone in for the night. 12:35 A.M. Cody Gryan, of Union, Ohio, was cited for underage under the influence in Lot 5. 12:47 A.M. Complainant reported a loud group with a boom box outside of Kohl Hall. Officer advised the group to keep it down or they would be charged with disorderly conduct. 1:28 A.M. Kreischer-Darrow staff advised occupants in possession of alcohol. Occupants disposed of contents. 1:39 A.M. Verbal warning was given to subjects in Lot 6 overflow for disorderly conduct. 1:56 A.M. Subjects were given verbal warning for underage under the influence in Lot 11. Subject is referred to student discipline. 2:57 A.M. Nicole Quinn, of Hamilton, Ohio, was cited for a traffic control device on Thurstin and Court. Kristen Fields, of Hamilton, Ohio, was cited for possession of drugs and housed at Wood County Justice Center. 9:39 A.M. Complainant reported unknown subjects threw a rock through the back-rear window of a residence on Parkview Drive, causing $225 in damages. 1:12 P.M. Complainant reported his roommate had a party at their residence on Klotz Road, and when he returned, his 15 inch, black Toshiba laptop, valued at $1000, was missing from his unlocked bedroom. 4:03 P.M. Complainant lost a debit/ATM card on campus on April 25. There has been illegal activity on the card since. 5:00 P.M. Complainant and boyfriend had their text books stolen from the Offenhauer East 4th floor TV lounge. 5:16 P.M. Complainant reported her wallet was stolen out of her purse while she was at the Cla-zel Bar. 5:21 P.M. Complainant reported a male subject stole her camera from her room in Kreischer-Ashley. 5:40 P.M. Carl Wise, of Whitehouse, Ohio, was cited for an open container in a motor vehicle. He was also given a verbal warning for failure to display proper traffic devices. Passenger Steven Sanchez was housed in Wood County Justice Center for a warrant out in Wood County. 8:59 P.M. Officer checked a vehicle parked near the University golf course. Two subjects were fishing and were advised the course is closed after dark. They were sent on their way. 9:34 P.M. Five subjects were referred to student discipline for liquor law violations in McDonald Hall East. 9:52 P.M. Complainant reported unknown subjects entered her locked apartment on 7th Street and stole her 15 inch, silver Apple Mac Book Pro laptop, valued at $2,000.’ 10:48 P.M. Complainant reported he was assaulted by four to five unknown subjects who threw a bottle at him while he was at the Cla-zel Bar, resulting in a fractured nose, a black eye and a shoulder injury.