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Canada’s significance often overlooked

Today is a holiday that many American’s are unaware of; Canada Day. Before you scoff and skip reading this column, please take notice that the country to the north is a lot more important to the United States than you might think.

I’m sure many college kids have made the 90 minute trek to Windsor, Ont. in order to party when they turn 19.

Little do many know that the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Detroit and Windsor, is one of the busiest international border crossings in the world.

Given the current economic situation we are encountering I feel that providing a brief context into Canada’s significance makes for relevant reading.

On July 1,1867 the British North American Act was created and with it the Canadian federal government.

However, the British kept some control over the government until the Constitution Act in 1982, which more specifically outlined the country’s sovereignty.

Before you go and say, ‘we really are not that different than Canadians in a sense that we both gained independence from British rule,’ realize that from my personal experiences Canadians really do not prefer to be related to Americans.

Canada is a country that has historically struggled for a sense of identity.

The country is so much richer in culture than the standard association to hockey.

One thing I appreciate about Canada is the environment and vast wilderness that Canadians value and the attitude that goes with it.

Canadians respect Mother Nature more than Americans. In Canada it has been about survival, not just from foreign rule, but evolving through the harsh climate.

I recommend literary works by Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje.

So by this point you might realize my clear bias for Canada, however, I am no Benedict Arnold.

Yet, with the circumstances here in the states as far as money, security and basic employment, even with a new president, things are not looking too promising.

I have always aspired to some day live up north. I enjoy cold weather and the people are nicer and less ignorant than Americans. More food for thought, just a few years ago there were more homicides in the city of Detroit than all of Canada.

I became even more sold on the country when I started college after finding out the University had a Canadian Studies minor.

After taking seemingly every course affiliated with Canada, I can say I have learned so much invaluable information that hopefully will help my chances of attending graduate school or working there.

With that said, it saddens me to hear that the University’s Canadian Studies Center closed earlier this week due to lack of state funding.

But the party will rage on in the bigger picture.

Tonight in Toronto’s Mel Lastman Square, the scene will be similar to Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

But Canada Day is more like Independence Day in America with fireworks and the like. Citizens are also entitled to the day off work.

So while us American’s finalize our plans for the ‘4th’ this weekend think of Canada when you fill up for gas before traveling.

Most people have got caught up in the Middle East when it comes to oil issues, however, the same if not more of our oil is imported from Canada.

Like it or not Canada’s influence on the United States is stronger than most realize and will only continue to grow given the economic climate and social issues such as health care.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau once related the countries metaphorically saying living next to the United States was like sleeping next to an elephant.

Canadians might not like being compared and subject to American influence and at the same token Americans do not understand Canada’s influence.

Together both countries should work harder in bettering overall relations and that could even start with college students.

Next time you cross the Detroit River for a night of debauchery, consider engaging in dialogue with the locals or take the time to site see. But I suggest skipping Windsor all together and driving a few more hours northeast to Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal.

Now if you will excuse me I have to go work on my curling game and Molson drinking; the latter needing more attention.

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