The Falcon Screech – December 15, 2009

I am tired of the University coming up with different ways to add to college tuition. Having to vote for a bus fee and now having to pay to print next semester. What will be next? I am sure they are thinking of something. Oh, and this separation plan is a cheap way out to hire young teachers for less, and by having younger teachers, we will see less quality of teachers in the classroom. -Peeved

I think it’s sad that the ‘falcon’ pictured in the ad for the ‘Falcon Screech’ isn’t even a falcon. It’s actually a hawk; my guess being a red-tailed. Way to mess up our own mascot, BG News. Proud to be a falcon, or I suppose in this case, a hawk? -bird girl

Dear neighbors upstairs,

Why don’t you learn how to walk? It’s 3 a.m. and all I hear is my ceiling thumping with every step you take. As a matter of fact, every time you take a step, the glasses in my cabinet clang together. To make matters worse, you have to repeat your walk multiple times. Seriously, I’m trying to sleep.

I’ve dealt with you this whole semester so do me a favor and take your elephant stampede elsewhere or simply be courteous and consider walking with lighter steps. -the Safari Master

This is for all the ladies out there who think it’s their job to look down on others:

Don’t walk around like you’re all high, mighty and basically the epitome of perfection. Don’t go walking around with your nose tilted up in the air at a full 90 degrees when someone smiles at you. Why anyone is smiling at you when you’re acting like this, I have no idea. We don’t care about how conceited you are or how important you think you are. You’re in a sorority? Big woo.

Women are attractive when they’re confident, not flat-out conceited. Get off your high horse before someone comes along and knocks you off it, or worse (well, better), you slip and fall. If worse comes to worse, you at least have your nose (that’s always stuck up by the way) to break the fall 🙂 – Enough is Enough

Dear students complaining about the pay-to-print, If you would learn how to print the ONE page you need out of a 200-PAGE document, or check your work thoroughly, or not be impatient and click ‘Print Document’ six times when the printers are busy, maybe BG wouldn’t have to switch to something to keep YOU from wasting so much paper and killing so many trees! Watch your stupid printing habits and those around you before placing all the blame on the University! -Mother Nature