Apathy, the silent killer

Holly Shively and Holly Shively

Apathy. It gets the best of all of us at some time in our lives, but it’s a huge problem when it affects every aspect of our very existence.

Politics may not be your cup of tea, and I understand that, but you can’t ignore that politicians are making decisions that affect your everyday life.

Putting aside Donald Trump, governor Kasich, Mayor Edwards and every other national, state and local politician, at the very least every single University student should care about Undergraduate Student Government.

USG is the kind of organization that sets the agenda for how progressive our campus student body will be for the year. They have so much power to raise quite the stink or no stink at all to administration. The leaders of USG will be the ones that either take the time to fight for students who are being pushed around or treated unfairly, or let it slide because they don’t care as much as they should in the capacity of their position.

Voting for USG (which closes today) is one thing, but what’s really disappointing is USG’s candidacy this year and most years.

We should not have an uncontested president and vice president race. Not to mention, almost every single senator position is a write-in. The nice democratic system we have set up is not a nice system at all when there really is no choice. When only one duo is on the ballot, how many people are really going to write in someone else. While I am not worried about the candidates on this year’s ballot doing a poor job, that fact that only one pair is there is a huge issue and really shows the apathy that has become our culture.

Why don’t students care who their USG representatives are? Why don’t people care who runs for these positions?

Most importantly, why aren’t more of us running for these positions?

If I wasn’t a journalist, I would be running for some form of student government in a heart beat. Instead, I’ve chosen written word to make a difference, and it would be a conflict of interest to take part in politics I cover.

Please, for the sake of University students, current and future, start caring more. Start taking the ideas you have and make them public. Start running for positions that have an even larger capacity to create change than even you as an individual have.

This is a call to action. This is important. It’s your college education to be apathetic about if you want, but don’t. Do something and be the change.

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