Live an assumption-free life

The problem with assumptions is that when you form an uninformed opinion about someone or something, you close yourself off to seeing the bigger picture.

Often times, assumptions are not completely true and lead to false ideas about people. The only way to avoid these assumptions and avoid being uninformed is to simply not make judgements about things until you are confident.

Making assumptions about people can not only inhibit your ability to truly understand and empathize with them, but they also prevent you from being open-minded. Assumptions are the reasons racism, sexism and just plain discrimination of any kind exist in the world. When people form an opinion about others that isn’t backed up with logic, it creates a world of problems, as demonstrated by our world and country’s history.

I have been raised in a religious environment and consider myself to be a Christian. Throughout my life, my peers and acquaintances that are not religious have occasionally left out facts or stories from their life when speaking to me in fear that I would judge them or be angry.

However, without getting to know me or the premise of my religion, they based their thoughts about me on the stereotypes of my religion rather than my personality and personal choice. It bothered me immensely because while these people were my friends, they assumed I would judge them based on a stereotype, not based on who I am as a person.

Like my situation, I feel this happens all the time to others in similar situations. Too often we base our opinions about people on common stereotypes or one conversation rather than taking the time to really get to know them. Why? Possibly because we lack time to really get to know one another, or simply because we are lazy and do not want to take the time to form meaningful relationships with those around us. But no matter the reason, we must stop assuming things about others.

Instead, a better solution is to take every interaction into consideration before making judgements about others. Walking a mile in their shoes or getting to know them before forming biased opinions are important as well.

When assumptions are made, communication can cease, and progress in the world grinds to a halt. However, by having an open mind and eyes free from bias, we can see people for who they are and not what the world forces upon them. Having a world free from assuming people opens the possibility for more communication and a more efficient lifestyle in general.

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