Facing your first year fears

Incoming Students,

Welcome to the University! Beginning classes (and even a few weeks after) can be daunting. Luckily, your peers and professors will help you through this time of transition. Since the University opened in 1910, thousands of students have experienced the excitement and nerves the college endeavor brings forth. Nearly everyone around you can answer your questions; most of the people here have gone through the same thing. 

Once you’ve settled in, there are dozens of clubs and organizations to get involved in. New students can delve into their interests while meeting new friends. Campus Fest is the best time to find out about what the University offers (and get free stuff). Organization leaders can provide information, or write down your email address while walking to class. 

You’re going to hear this a lot, but remember that you or someone close to you is paying for this education, and the experiences that come along with it. Make sure you make the most of what the University offers. You might get a lot of freebies throughout college, but someone’s tuition paid for it.

Extracurriculars are fun, but you should also know how to manage your time. There’s no shame in simply focusing on class work. The University offers plenty of resources to help students do their best. Jerome Library’s Learning Commons can help you study with test preparation, test taking strategies or suggesting good study habits. 

As fun as it is to jump right into college and jam events into your day, please remember to get enough sleep. The best way to survive your first few weeks of college is to be well-rested. The University has an online schedule planner to make time management easy. Having your week planned out can make it easier to get enough sleep, or help you decide if you actually have time for a new activity. 

For anyone that is completely nervous about these first few weeks, don’t feel bad. It’s completely rational to feel uncomfortable in a new place, around hundreds of people you don’t know. But as daunting as it seems, everyone else is worrying about themselves. They might even be nervous too. As early as next semester, this campus might feel like your new home. 

Hopefully, incoming students find their place at the University and start to create unforgettable memories. Looking back at my first year, the nerves felt during opening week are the last thing that come to mind. 


Stepha Poulin