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September 21, 2023

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  • My Fiction Icks
    By Jay Grummel When you read as much as I do you start to notice common things in fiction that make you annoyed, upset  or even want to put down the book completely. I have a bad habit of not giving books much of a chance when they use some of these personal ‘icks’. However, […]
  • Poetry for Fall
    By Jay Grummel Poetry has a way of connecting us to the external and internal world. In poetry it is easier to feel a season and truly feel a piece due to this. Poetry has a subtle way of making the readers immersed into the world of the poem. With the air getting colder and […]

8 lessons Lady Gaga’s song lyrics taught me about life

My first iPod consisted of every song from Lady Gaga’s album “The Fame” and now my iPhone holds all the songs from “Joanne.” I like to think I have grown up with Lady Gaga and we’ve both learned a few lessons together along the way.

8) ‘Just dance, gonna be okay’ – ‘Just Dance’

“Just Dance” speaks the story of having fun, which may seem redundant compared with similar songs. I disagree. Gaga is speaking of a time where she simply needed to let go and stop thinking about the stress of life. Especially in college when the smallest assignment can feel like a mountain, I believe we all need to dance it out.

7) ‘Stop callin’ / ‘I don’t wanna talk anymore’ – ‘Telephone’

“Telephone’s” verses speak of letting go. With the addition of Beyoncé, “Telephone” becomes a female anthem of forgetting about the boy and dancing away the worry and pressure of being in a relationship. This song speaks of truly loving yourself, despite heartbreak.

6) ‘Stop throwing stones at your sisters and your brothers’ – ‘Come to Mama’

“Come to Mama,” although a lesser known song, speaks of a peaceful society. Written as a song during the 2016 election, Gaga calls for peace and unity in a time where many people have chosen to pick a side instead of coming together. “Come to Mama” may have a simple message of coming together but I believe it’s a message we all need if we plan to progress as a nation.

5) ‘But I’m still in love with Judas, baby’ – ‘Judas’

Judas is a metaphor for Gaga’s struggle and addiction between what is best for her and what she craves. We all want the ideal person in our life. But regardless, that ideal person might not be the right person. Our idea of a perfect person might not be the person who is right for us, no matter how much it hurts or how much we feel like we need him or her.

4) ‘I’m as free as my hair’ – ‘Hair’

Hair is a metaphor for independence and freedom. Regardless of the situation we are in, we all crave an acceptance of some kind. It makes us human to want to be loved and seen “as free as (our) hair.” Especially in a world that stereotypes everyone based upon their sexual orientation, race etc., being as free as our hair can be a breath of fresh air we should all crave.

3) ‘I’d rather save an angel down’ – ‘Angel Down’

Angel Down talks upon the real-life, despicable murder of Trayvon Martin. Originally, Gaga felt like she wouldn’t be able to give Martin the respect a black artist could have contributed. Ultimately, she decided she owed it to her fans to write the song. It speaks of the unspeakable injustices we encounter all too often. How could the world be like this? How could someone so young be murdered?

2) ‘Take my hand, stay Joanne’ – ‘Joanne’

Joanne describes the story of her late aunt named Joanne who died of lupus at 19. Gaga sings as a plea to God, asking how God could have taken her aunt at such an early age when she had so much more life to live. Her witness to loss is possibly the most relatable topic she has ever sang about. It’s a message that is so relatable to anyone who has grieved or is still grieving.

1) ‘But baby, I just need one good one to stay’ – ‘Million Reasons’

I believe in our lives, we have a million reasons to quit. We have a million reasons to give up, but there’s always one reason to stay. There’s one reason or person that completely trumps everything and that’s the reason to stay strong and hold on. We should all keep our focuses on that reason, whether it’s a job aspiration or a relationship.

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