7 things BGSU students should do before graduation

As someone who is graduating in May, I am thinking back on all of things I did during my time studying at Bowling Green. In four years’ worth of memories, I have decided the top seven things I think everyone should do while they attend BGSU. I am also not a sports fan, so this list will not include going to a football or hockey game, which many other people would, and have, recommended. While this list is aimed at non-sports fans, sports fans should also consider doing these things before they leave BG.


  1. Get a drink at Grounds for Thought.

Grounds for Thought is a staple coffee shop in BG, and every time I think everyone in town has been there, someone mentions they’ve never been. The atmosphere of Grounds is great for reading, playing games or just talking with friends. Even though it has fewer than 10 available outlets, it still manages to be one of the best places in town to get homework done. I recommend the Lavender Fog to drink.

  1. See a $3 movie at the Woodland Mall.

The tickets for movies on Wednesdays are dirt cheap, totalling out at $3. The atmosphere of the mall can, unfortunately, sometimes be an off-putting one, but it’s worth taking a look around the mall and seeing the arcade and the incredibly inexpensive thrift store. Plus, with a ticket that cheap, it’s worth it to get snacks at the movie.  

  1. See an improv show.

BG has a surprisingly large improv community in town. There are four separate groups on campus and each does a slightly different version of improv. No two shows are the same and there’s plenty of collaboration between groups, so it’s worth checking them out.

  1. See the Browne Pop Culture Library in Jerome.

BGSU is famous for the the Pop Culture Library, and it’s pretty cool to check out the comics and other materials they have there. It’s pretty easy to only see the first, seventh and eighth floor of the library, so it’s nice to go out of your way sometimes and see something different.

  1. Take a photo with the Metamorphosis statute.

There is tons of art on campus, but none of it is as well-known as the Metamorphosis statue. It unfortunately moved from its focal place next to the seal in old campus to the space next to the Wolfe Center, but it’s definitely something to document about your time here. And it’s all about the change college students go through!

  1. Attend the Black Swamp Arts Festival.

While most people probably visit the festival, it’s definitely not something to avoid. Have a look at all the cool local art, check out the bands and eat some great truck food. It’s one of the most fun events the community puts on.

  1. Go a whole day without paying for food because there was so much free food on campus.

One great thing about being on a college campus is that free food is offered relatively often. Spend a whole day attending events or meetings that feed you so you don’t have to feed yourself. It’s pretty satisfying to eat free for a whole day without ever having to cook.

Bonus: Have a Blizzard at Myles’ DQ.

Unfortunately, this can no longer be done, since Myles’ is long gone and the Dairy Queen is under new leadership. Those who entered BG before and with me remember the days when you could get a double the amount of ice cream in a Blizzard because it would be filled to the lid. While it’s still nice to go to the DQ every once in while, it’ll never be the same as it once was.