Columnist explains 10 ways to be productive this summer


productivity 5/12

Mary Ross and Mary Ross

With school coming to an end, there are endless possibilities for how to spend summer. While many students opt to work a job or internship, there are also many other productive ways to spend free time during the summer. Here are some.

1. Work a job

What’s better than a little extra cash to spend or save? Although it’s probably too late to find an internship, there are most likely local places always looking for an extra hand.

2. Read a book

Books are a great way to engage your mind.

3. Download a Duolingo and begin to learn a language

One of my all-time favorite quotes is “The sum of all knowledge is not contained in any one language.” By learning another language, you not only can communicate with more people in the world, but you can also impress people by knowing another language.

4. Workout

While many of the items on this list will help with a mental glow-up, a physical glow-up is something many people strive for during the summer as well. Getting a run in or simple stretching everyday can benefit anyone. Just find the routine or workout that works best for you.

5. Volunteer

Not only is volunteering a great remedy for the soul, but it also looks great on resumes. Look for places in your area looking for volunteers, such as food donation centers and rescue shelters.

6. Create a bullet journal

If you aren’t artistically challenged or are incredibly patient with yourself, creating a bullet journal to keep track of your plans, goals, assignments – when school gets back in session – and more may be a great option for you.

7. Start a podcast or listen to a podcast

Podcasts are a great way to share ideas, whether by sharing your own ideas or hearing those of others. Listening to a podcast can be done while doing a myriad of other activities. If you find one you like, it can become a daily habit. If you decide to create your own podcast, it can build your online presence and portfolio – if you need a portfolio – as well as connect you with other people.

8. Call a family member or friend

While you may not be that close to relatives, calling them and talking to them can build a relationship, which most likely will be more beneficial to you at some point. And if you don’t feel like calling a relative, staying connected with college friends by calling them is never a bad way to go.

9. Explore your hometown or wherever you may be

If you are interested in getting out and about while finding the best kept secrets of your hometown or wherever you may be, this one could be for you. Grab your camera, some snacks and become a tourist in your summer home by exploring local parks, restaurants and fun places you may have not known of before.

10. Watch a documentary

Documentaries are a great way to become educated in a subject area while relaxing in the comfort of a bed, couch or other comfy places.