Pros and cons of streaming services


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These days, cutting the cord on cable is one of the most fashionable trends among consumers. The question is: what are they switching to? Well, live streaming services for some.  Live streaming services are generally less expensive and give the people what they want at a lower price. Here are the five major live streaming services for you to try out if you’re thinking of making the change, too:


Formerly known as DirecTV Now, AT&T TV Now offers two main plans. The Plus Plan starts at $50 a month. This includes 45+ channels, like NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, TNT and a subscription to HBO. The MAX plan includes 60+ channels with more sports coverage, HBO and a free Cinemax subscription. However, this service is not a good option if you are in an area with slow internet speed. To access the service, you need a Smart TV, and even then it doesn’t have as many channels as even cable would provide. If the cons are enough for you to overlook, then maybe AT&T TV Now is the service for you!

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV has over 60 live channels along with eight potential add-ons like HBO and  Cinemax. It also gives you access to the on-demand Hulu content of hours of shows and movies. Hulu with Live TV sounds like a hoot, but, as someone who has this service, there are some major cons. The biggest issue is that you cannot use it outside of the zip code you register it in. So, if you are a college student and your family has this service registered to their home, you will not be able to access it on devices like Xboxes and Smart TVs. You can still view it on your laptop and other cellular devices, but it can be a real pain to not be able to access it on your own TV.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue has a core plan that starts at $49.99.  PlayStation Vue offers live streaming for HD channels, a powerful DVR system, the ability to have five device streams going at once, thousands of shows on-demand and as many as 10 potential viewing profiles that can be created. A few cons about the PlayStation Vue service would be you only get a five-day free trial while you can get a seven-day free trial with most other services. Also, your DVR recording only lasts for 28 days. Overall, PlayStation Vue is a great option for everybody out there to give a try.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a bit different than the other services mentioned because they offer three different plans: Orange ($15), Blue ($15) and Orange & Blue ($25). Orange has the least amount of channels, Blue has second-most and the Blue & Orange plan has both the plans’ channels combined. While this is the cheapest service listed thus far, drawbacks like having to pay $5 extra for DVR space helps to drag the pros down. Another big problem is that you cannot get your local channels through Sling TV. The streaming service anticipates that you have other means of being able to view things like your local sports teams, so they do not provide it themselves. Nevertheless, Sling TV is still less expensive than cable and functions just as well as any other live streaming service.  

YouTube TV

Local news and local sports with 70+ channels for $50 is the name of YouTube TV’s game. They also provide an unlimited DVR cloud if you have to work during your favorite shows. What they fail to provide, however, are multiple channels you would assume are broadcasted. Channels like CNN, Cartoon Network and TNT are missing. There is also no option for add-ons like HBO. That, along with a difficult browsing engine help make it one of the least favorite options.