Best cheap date ideas for BGSU students

Mary Ross and Mary Ross

Coming up with date ideas that don’t cost a ton of money can be difficult for college students. Below are a few cheap date ideas you and your partner can look into in order to date while on a college student budget.

1.       Dining hall dates

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If one of you has a meal plan on campus, treating the other to a good ol’ dining hall meal to fill up and enjoy each other’s company is not a bad way to go. 

Price: Free with a meal plan.

2.     Stargazing on hill behind Wolfe Center

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Though it is popular for sledding down in the winter, the hill behind the Wolfe Center is a prime spot for seeing the stars. Plus, it’s a pretty quiet and secluded place to give you and your partner some privacy while admiring the night sky.  

Price: Free.

3.       BGSU sporting events

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BGSU offers free admission to all students to sporting events, so if you and your partner are into sports, screaming and participating in high energy events, this could be a solid option for you. 

Price: Free for students (unless you want food or souvenirs).

4.       Picnic

It is quite romantic for a meal to be prepped by one’s partner, but even more so when the pair has the opportunity to be surrounded by nature or other quaint environments. Whether the picnic takes place somewhere outside on campus, off campus at a nearby park or in the middle of nowhere, it can be a good time for couples. 

Price: Cost of food.

5.       Build a fort and have a movie night

Hear me out: forts are extremely fun. What could be more fun than building a sheet fort with your significant other or date with passwords required to get in and lots of food and pillows? Plus, hanging out inside the fort after building it to watch movies or hang out almost guarantees some cuddles. 

Price: Can be free, but there could extra expenses such as food and movie.

6.       Hiking

If you and your partner are outdoorsy people, there are several nature reserves nearby that are home to some hiking trails. Exercising while being immersed in nature is a great bonding experience and can also be quite relaxing. 

Price: Free (possible cost to enter trails at some parks).

7.       Volunteer

If you and your partner are the kind of people that enjoy helping others, why not volunteer together? There are many organizations around Bowling Green that are always looking for volunteers. Sign you and your partner up to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience with one of your favorite people. 

Price: Free.

8.       Falcons After Dark

Falcons After Dark are free events open to all BGSU students. The events change every week, giving you and your partner lots of different fun things to do on your Friday nights. 

Price: Free.

9.       Karaoke night

Grumpy Dave’s in downtown Bowling Green hosts karaoke nights on Friday and Saturday nights from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. If you and your partner enjoy singing or possibly making fools of yourselves, karaoke at Grumpy Dave’s could be the place for you.

Price: Free (if you are of-age, drinks can be expensive).

10.   Grounds for Thought performances

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One of Bowling Green’s very own coffee shops, Grounds for Thought, hosts events such as open mics and poetry readings. All events are posted on the events board right inside the door. Check out the different events and determine which ones would be enjoyable for you and your partner. 

Price: Free (food and drinks cost money if you want them).

11.   Improv comedy groups­

BGSU is home to several improv comedy groups that hold free performances a couple times a semester at on-campus locations. If you and your partner like to laugh and enjoy watching other people perform, this could be the date for you. 

Price: Free.