Headlines from the world of sports: NFL trade rumours heat up

Zak Smith and Zak Smith

Carson Wentz:

The former second overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft is expected to be on the move this week. Though I have already touched on the Matthew Stafford deal, this is another quarterback who has a high ceiling, and could potentially thrive in the right system. After being a starter most of his career, he was benched this past season for rookie Jalen Hurts, who proved he had what it took to lead the Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz, who his entire career has been plagued by injury and occasional inconsistency, like we saw this year, soon requested a trade and, according to ESPN, is expected to be moved this week for significant compensation. When Wentz is traded, it will mark the third quarterback to be taken in the first round to be traded over the last two weeks. It would also mean that the top two quarterbacks from the 2016 NFL Draft, Jared Goff and Wentz, would be playing for different teams after both made Super Bowl appearances. Keep in mind in the Stafford deal: the Lions not only got Goff, but two first round picks and a third.


This is going to be a theme as we get closer and closer to the big dance in March. Many of the top teams in the nation have begun to separate themselves from the rest like Baylor and Gonzaga, but other small conference schools likely to receive one bid, like the MAC and Ivy League, will begin to heat up this month. And starting this week, with the final few weeks of the season upon us, teams will be playing harder to attempt to not only receive bids, but bring national attention to themselves. For our small town here in Bowling Green, the Falcons are one of these teams. The MAC preseason-favorite Falcons are amidst a losing streak that needs to come to an end soon if the Falcons look to not only win the MAC Tournament but potentially be an upset bid in the first round. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, this Falcons team has the potential to break hearts in March, but they need to get there first, and a win against Kent State tonight would go a long way.


NBA All-Stars:

few weeks before the new league year in mid-March, the NBA and NHL will reign supreme in viewership amongst the Big Four Sports. The NBA All-Star Weekend will be the culmination of all of this with the game scheduled to be this coming Sunday. This is not only a large step for athletes getting these exhibition games and contests back, but for many teams who consider themselves contenders, this is usually where we see moves for players that could be that final piece for a team. This will be something to watch as we get closer to trade deadlines, as well as tip-off of the NBA All-Star Game.Arguably the biggest game of the year is over and gone, and Tom Brady has won the Super Bowl for the seventh time. Though we are in a small slide of major storylines, there are a few worth noting this week. As we look ahead into the next week of sports, here are what I think are the biggest storylines in sports.Now that the NFL will be taking a backseat in the world of sports for the most part over the next