Doubleheader deadlock: Volleyball trades wins with OU


Volleyball – Photo by Mallory Hiser, BGSU Athletics

Samantha Momeyer and Samantha Momeyer

Game 1

On Nov. 12, the Falcons traveled to Athens to take on the Ohio Bobcats in a two-day volleyball matchup. The Falcons headed into the game with a record of 15-1 in the conference, while the Bobcats held a record of 10-6.

The Falcons started the first set by leading 7-3 before heading into a forced timeout, called by Bobcats coach Geoff Carlston. Following the timeout, the Bobcats fought back making the score, 13-10, however, Hannah Best and Nikolija Katanic for the Falcons answered with a dominating block. Katanic was huge in the first set for the Falcons as she was the one to clinch the winning kill, ending the set with a score of 25-22.

Going into set two, BGSU asserted their dominance once again, early in the set to take a lead of 6-2.

The Bobcats that went on a run themselves, led by Caitlin O’Farrell, cutting the lead to 2 points and making the score 8-6. A kill each from Hannah Laube and Katelyn Meyer forced an Ohio timeout and continued to put pressure on the Bobcats to find a way to bounce back. They found their answer and gave nothing to the Falcons, making the final score of the set Bowling Green 25 and Ohio 21, after an 18-18 tie earlier in the match.

The last and final set of the match, made another recorded sweep for the Falcons and started off with another early lead. The Falcons came out fast and were able to quickly put pressure on the Bobcats, which contributed to a big part of their success last night. The set continued to go back and forth as the teams alternated going on runs, making the score mid-match, 14-14. It was Meyer and Best for record kills and give the Falcons a comfortable lead of 23-18. Finally, Indrova ended the night and clenched the winning two points with a pair of kills making the final score 25-20.

After this match, Indrova has logged 10 double-doubles this season and shows no signs of slowing down. The Falcons will take on the Bobcats at 2 p.m, on Nov. 13 in Athens, before their last game of the season before the MAC tournament.

Game 2

After a sweep, (3-0) on Nov. 12 against the Ohio Bobcats, the Falcons fell short on Nov. 13 in a game of 5 sets. The Falcons left the Convocation Center tonight after splitting matches with the Bobcats setting their conference record at 15-2.

The first set started slow for both teams as they traded points. It was a run for the Bobcats that sent them into a 4 point lead. The Falcons battled back, specifically with the help of Meyer and Luebcke, giving them a 1 point lead and keeping the score tight. Ohio took a timeout, regrouped, and both teams battled out the rest of the match until the score was tied and set as 20-20. Meyer was on fire in the first set, adding two more kills, however, it was not enough to clinch the set, and the Falcons fell short 23-25.

It was obvious that the Falcons were unhappy with their performance in the first set, as they started the second set with much more intensity. Hannah Laube and Petra Indrova worked together to push a lead of 6-0. Bobcats fought back with a pair of kills, and Indrova answered with another kill and a block. Both teams traded runs for the rest of the set and Meyer and Katanic added a few kills each to the scoresheet aiding the set victory for the Falcons. The final set score was 25-22.

The name of the third set was kills as the Bobcats claimed the early lead. Both the Falcons and the Bobcats had a combined 10 kills in a 13-point span that led them to tighten the score and keep the game interesting. Ohio pulled away to sit at 19 points while the Falcons stayed alive with 16 points and not too far behind. Both teams may have had lots of hitting success this set, but they both struggled behind the service line. Katanic recorded her tenth kill of the match so far, but the Bobcats went on a 4-0 run and ended the game with a score of 22-25.

The fourth set proved to not allow either team to fall or take an early lead. The set stayed close and neither team let one another get more than two points behind or ahead. Katanic, Meyer and Indrova, all had a combined number of 9 kills before the media timeout and the score was set at 15-14, Falcons leading. The Bobcats struggled with a few attack errors and the Falcons took full advantage of this as they finished with a set victory of 25-19. Meyer landed the winning kill, making her stats 15 kills on the night so far.

It was Meyer again for the Falcons to start the fifth set, but the Bobcats quickly changed their previous attack errors into kills, landing four consecutively. Katanic also continued to prove as an offensive threat along with Meyer and Indrova, but it was not enough to keep them alive, as the Bobcats clinched the 15th point, giving them a match win and a five-set victory over the Falcons.

Indrova and Meyer both ended the night with 18 kills and this will send the Falcons into their last and final game before the tournament against Miami on Nov. 17.