Valentine’s Day gift-guide for significant others


Chocolate & Candy is a local affordable candy store with homemade chocolate, old-fashioned candies and popcorn. And potentially a perfect place to start making a candy bouquet or getting a candy lovers gift. 


Kylie Tusing and Kylie Tusing

Hallmark created a holiday centered around loving the people in our lives, which is pretty extraordinary. However, Valentine’s Day, similar to most holidays, can quickly become overwhelming when you’re at a loss of what to get people. Being a broke college student simply adds to the stress of not being able to afford expensive gifts. Below is a miniature gift guide for your significant others.


DIY gifts

Make something! Every time I’m looking for a DIY craft, the go-to is Pinterest. Here are a few ideas to give you a jump start. 

1. Open-when letters: the general concept is that you (as the significant other) write a series of letters for your significant other for different moments in their life. 

2. Photo frame: there are so many cute photo frame ideas and they do say pictures speak a thousand words. Another idea would be to get a 3D photo frame or shadow box and put all your memories inside (i.e. ticket stubs, trinkets, polaroids, etc.). 

3. Something with sweets: whether that’s a candy bouquet, various puns on their favorite boxes of candy or an arrangement of their favorite chocolate. 


Inexpensive dates for the introverts 

Whether you are an introvert or extravert some couples don’t leave time for date night in their relationship. Mostly, because society tells us that dates should be so expensive but here are four ways they don’t have to be at all. 

1. Wine and painting have become fun date nights, but they also got expensive pretty fast. Though you can totally do them at home by grabbing canvases, basic primary colors and brushes. Then browse through YouTube until you find the design that you want or consider a Bob Ross tutorial. 

2. Create an at-home movie night because realistically you can never go wrong with a good movie. To spice it up, try making a DIY projector to create the full movie theatre experience. And a movie isn’t complete without snacks — try creating a snack bar!  

3. A little competition never hurt anyone, create a Sugar Wars or Master Chef at home. Your partner and you take a grocery store run, pick out ingredients for each other and then let the challenge begin.


Inexpensive dates for the extroverts 

Not everyone likes staying home but going out doesn’t have to cost as much either. Here are a few inexpensive date ideas for the extroverts. 

1. Explore the city and find various things to do at the moment. Trying different food trucks, looking at public art sculptures, window shopping and taking fun photos does not have to cost anything. 

2. Try going to the bars and enjoy shooting pool mixed with some karaoke or hear a local band play. This date can potentially cost less than $10 for the entire night. 

3. Go old-school with some date ideas like the local bowling alley or the Woodland Mall movie theater that are both inexpensive in nature. 

4. Take advantage of the wintery weather! Whether it’s finding a hill and sledding or creating snowmen it’s all about the time spent together! 


Valentine’s Day does not have to be a stressful holiday or even avoided if you’re spending it single. It’s a season to celebrate love for all the people in our lives and even ourselves.