9 ideas for COVID-safe Halloween costumes

Amelia Roberts and Amelia Roberts

Halloween is coming soon, and it’s no doubt going to look different this year. COVID-19 has affected a lot of things in 2020, but one of the most unexpected things is fashion. Matching your mask to your outfit is hard enough, but now that Halloween is quickly approaching, there’s another aspect at play: finding a costume with a mask. You might have to get creative, but you can still have your dream costume this year and be safe. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Plague doctor

This one will hit closer to home this year more than ever. This costume consists of a full face mask with a long nose and full-length black coat. Not only will it keep you warm in the cooler weather, but it will also keep you safe with the full face mask.

Space cowgirl

The space cowgirl has become a classic Halloween costume, and while it normally doesn’t consist of a mask, it’s easy to incorporate. Pair a shiny, sparkly outfit and cowgirl hat with a silver mask. You can have fun in your costume knowing you look super cute while still being safe.


Scream is a classic Halloween movie and the costume itself is fairly simple. It consists of the ghastly ghost mask with a gaping mouth and a black robe or dress. The full face mask will protect you well, and it’s definitely one of the more “spooky” costumes.

‘The Purge’ character

Being a character from “The Purge” is an easy costume to put together. Tear up a white t-shirt, add some fake blood, black jeans and a creepy purge mask. If you want to be a little extra with it, you can even carry a fake weapon to amp it up.

Guy Fieri

If you want a funny, original costume this year, look no further. Guy Fieri is the perfect costume for you. All you need is his classic fire t-shirt, big sunglasses, a spiky blonde wig and a matching face mask. Amazon and many other places are selling masks with the lower half of his face to perfectly align with your costume.


If you’re not into the funny or spooky costumes and want a cuter look, go with the cupid costume. Grab an all-white outfit, angel wings, a halo and a fake bow and arrow. You can easily pair this with a statement piece, like a red or pink mask with hearts. This is a cute and easy costume that will still keep you safe.

‘Mortal Kombat’ ninjas

Choose from a handful of badass characters from this classic ’90s video game. Many fighters’ outfits already come with a mask like Scorpion or Kitana, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something to match your costume. 


This is an easy last-minute costume you can throw together easily. Put together a simple monochromatic outfit, a white mask and then just wrap yourself up in toilet paper. This is one of the easiest, cheapest costumes you can wear while still staying safe.

Superheroes (and villains)

From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Shredder to Power Rangers to Black Noir from the hit TV show “The Boys,” there are many franchises that feature heroic and villainous characters with masks. Whichever you decide to choose, the CDC recommends a mask with a double-layered fabric.