Docuseries to watch on a rainy day

Mimi Miller and Mimi Miller

Some days are meant for relaxing on the couch and watching something good, but finding something to watch is sometimes the hardest part. Documentary short series’ have become popular in recent years and the short series structure is perfect for a lazy day. Here is a list of some of the popular and perhaps lesser known series to watch.

“Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer”

Streaming on: Netflix

We’ve all seen “Tiger King,” but have you seen this? Released in December 2019 and directed by Mark Lewis, this series tells the story of one of Canada’s most infamous murderers. This short series consists of three episodes showing the downward spiral of killing kittens to get a rise out of internet users, and later murdering a computer engineering student from China. 


Streaming on: Netflix

Stunts, school and sacrifice is what this series is all about. Released in January 2020, this six-episode series follows the Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer Team as they prepare to compete at the National Championship in Daytona, Florida.

“Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich”

Streaming on: Netflix

This miniseries documentary explores the life and scandals of American financier and convicted sex offender, Jeffery Epstein. The series, which aired in May 2020, shares the stories of survivors and exposes powerful people for their involvement with sex trafficking scandals. 

“Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak”

Streaming on: Netflix

The docuseries, released in January 2020, is filmed from the perspective of front-line workers as they fight influenza and stop the spread of the next deadly outbreak. The series was released prior to the coronavirus outbreak, which makes it more interesting for viewers to learn the efforts used to fight a pandemic.


Streaming on: Hulu

Follow the story of an ex-cop who rigged the McDonald’s Monopoly game during the 1990s and walked away with millions of dollars. The HBO docuseries story is told by prizewinners, participants and the FBI. 

“Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez”

Streaming on: Netflix

This docuseries, released in January 2020, gives viewers a closer look into the mind of Aaron Hernandez, NFL star turned convicted killer. 

“The Story of Film: An Odyssey”

Streaming on: Hulu

This docuseries is on the longer side, streaming 15 one-hour episodes. ‘The Story of Film’ tells the history of cinema throughout the world. It is a British documentary released in September 2011.

“Apocalypse: The Second World War”

Streaming on: Hulu

Aired in August 2009, this short series explores World War II and even shows real footage shot by soldiers, secret operatives and more. The episodes detail different battles and key turning points during the war, including the attack on Pearl Harbor.

“The Trials of Gabriel Fernández”

Streaming on: Netflix

The documentary explains the murder and trials regarding an 8-year-old boy, Gabriel Fernández. The true crime series investigates the system’s protection of children, how social workers handle a case and the abuse Fernández experienced prior to his death. It aired in February 2020 with six episodes.