Is VR worth it yet?

While virtual reality seemed to be the newest leap in gaming technology when it launched in 2016, many gamers decided not to invest in the latest tech. The biggest reasons being the steep price tag and the early stages VR gaming was in.  

It seemed like this technology was cutting edge, however the first VR headset was actually developed in 1968 by Ivan Sutherland and Bob Sproull. This huge contraption was nothing compared to the technology of today, as it was extremely heavy and participants had to be strapped in as the machine hung from the ceiling. The technology behind “Sword of Damocles” was the wireframe for future gaming systems to become something the public would enjoy. 

The goal of virtual reality is to transport the user into a whole new dimension. The floodgates of VR opened in 2016 with the release of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. In the past four years, not only has the price dropped, but the variety of games has improved greatly.  

Terry Steel, a junior at St. Louis University said there are some cons, but the pros outweigh those when it comes to VR. He owns the popular Oculus Rift S, which sold for around $400 last December. 

“Cons would be the initial startup cost, and the investment for games. Pros include the fact that it feels more personable playing with people online. People who have VR are already ready to go and talk online and would tell you their life story over VR chat,” he said. 

Another pro of VR is the ability to work out while you play. Unlike traditional video games where you stay stationary looking at a screen, VR allows the player to be an active participant in the world you are exploring. Some examples of more active games include “Blade and Sorcery,” “Robo Recall,” “Boneworks” and “Beatsaber.” 

The cost of VR has fallen dramatically since its release in 2016. An Oculus Go is now selling for $199, although to prospective buyers, it’s better to research all options before committing to one brand. 

Shaun Wagner, a VR enthusiast, purchased his Oculus Rift S last year. 

“It’s definitely worth the price, it’s a durable console. I’ve beaten the controllers on the walls so many times by accident and neither are damaged. My favorite feature is the augmented reality where you can see everything real around you while your programs are floating around your play space,” he said. 

His last piece of advice for those who are looking at the market is to follow your own preferences. Many VR sets can be customizable and the price range can vary depending on what fits the buyer best.