High schoolers across the nation challenge gun violence

Chase Bachman and Chase Bachman

17-year-old Caitlin Collins holds a yellow sign above her head that reads “Sorry For The Inconvenience, We’re Trying To Change The World”. People may see these protests and pleads for change as inconvenient, but change is hardly ever convenient.

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Students march up Pennsylvania Avenue toward Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, March 14, 2018. Girl holds a sign that reads “Choose Me, Not Guns”. This shouldn’t be a choice. We as a people should prioritize the safety of children from gun violence before we become so selfish as to worry about our personal weapons.

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School Walkout 5: Freshman Kennedi Lawson, 14, carries a sign as student walkout at Cherry Hill West High School in New Jersey. The sign reads “United”. Before we agree on what the solution to mass shootings is, we have to unite on what the problem is.