How to cope with summer’s end

Sarah Smith and Sarah Smith

Summer’s ending, and for many people it’s a sad, long adjustment period full of wearing more clothes, purchasing textbooks, sand-less toes and distant memories of the past few months of your life that were full of sunshine and fun. 

It’s time to face the fact that the 30 days of September we have ahead of us will be long ones, but here’s some advice to help get you through it.   

Two words: Olive. Garden.  

There’s a reason why their “buy one, take one” deal is back. 

Restaurants typically lose business in September with kids going back to school and families starting to save money again after a summer of fun. They desperately don’t want to lose any business and tend to offer some great deals to keep you coming. Why not check out what restaurants are doing around the area? 

Bonus: with fewer people at Olive Garden this month, you can feel much less shame in scarfing down handfuls of breadsticks in one sitting.  

Something else to look forward to is that fall officially begins September 22! Time to break out those boots, watch the leaves change and plan all of your October activities! Who cares if you’re the oldest person by over a decade in the pumpkin patch? Pumpkin spice-up your life with some new sweaters or some scary movie purchases in preparation for the cold months that lie ahead.  

A third (and fourth) item to focus on instead of mourning the loss of summer are our dear friends Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This political season is changing on a daily basis and I have a feeling it’s about to get even more exciting as September will be the final countdown for electing our nation’s leader. Will Donald Trump release his tax returns? Will Hillary come clean about those emails? Should we plan on calling Bill our First Lad? As November draws near, I personally can’t wait to see what the month of September will add on to this already controversial election.  

Finally, just remember that simply because school has started doesn’t technically mean that you have to start acting like summer is over. Having separation anxiety from your swimsuit? Wear it under all of your clothes! Use that beach bag instead of a backpack for all of those heavy textbooks, keep drinking that iced coffee, even when it’s snowing, and if you’re really feeling down about summer ending, refuse to stop wearing flip flops even when it’s cold and you have to wear socks with them.  

Summer ending doesn’t have to be a sad time in your life, it’s all about what you make of it. If you’re one of those people that is feeling those September blues, start looking at the bright side of things and follow my advice above. You don’t have to completely give up the spirit of summer, but it also doesn’t hurt to embrace the changes that fall brings. 


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