Dan Myers and Dan Myers


Engaged in Labor

Standard Recording Company

Grade: B

Miranda Sound has a unique style, a brand of rock that cannot be defined. Their inspiring and melodic tone resounds through your eardrums unlike any contemporary music. But labeling them “alternative rock” doesn’t begin to paint the picture that is this group’s flair.

Hailing from Columbus, OH, Miranda Sound is a four-piece indie band that uses a wide range of instruments; from standard fare acoustic and bass guitars to more uncommon choices such as cellos and air organs. The vocals, sung cooperatively by two of the musicians, are passionate and have an optimistic tone. The CD’s melodies are original and, though the percussion work is a but uninspired, it fits nonetheless.

Engaged in Labor is Miranda Sound’s sophomore album, Baby Inertia its predecessor. Their style has neither changed nor stagnated between their two efforts. It feels as if this is a continuation of Baby Inertia, the band’s various observations about the more abstract problems of life still not completely told until this CD.

When first listening to them, Miranda Sound’s style is so different that it leaves you unsure what to think of them. But the emotional vocals and complimentary guitars and pianos will grow on you upon another listen-through. The attitude of the majority of Engaged in Labor’s songs is energized and optimistic. After each track you are left either inspired or pumped up, an effect that lasts after the CD is finished.

Miranda Sound is on tour throughout the Midwest and stopped off at Bowling Green on October 2nd, appearing at Howard’s Club H with Stylex and The Stepford Five. Their next concert is October 3rd at The Note in Chicago. For their entire tour schedule plus news, downloadable songs and merchandise, go to www.mirandasound.com.