Blood Bowl competition kicks off

Dan Myers and Dan Myers

The American Red Cross kicked off its third annual Blood Bowl yesterday, starting with a blood drive at the University of Toledo that lasts until Oct. 29.

The Blood Bowl is a competitive blood drive between UT and Bowling Green State University to determine which student body can donate more blood. The winner receives a trophy at the BG-UT football game.

Judy Pearson, manager of communications for the American Red Cross in Toledo, is one of the event’s coordinators.

“We’re always looking for ways to collect blood and make it fun,” she said. “This was a way of adding a dose of fun and competition.”

The Blood Bowl will come to BGSU Nov. 9 -12 in the Union’s Multi-Purpose Room.

Students who show up to donate blood will receive a free T-shirt displaying logos of BGSU and UT.

Anyone can give blood at any time between today and Nov. 12 at the Red Cross Donor Center on Executive Parkway in Toledo and vote for a school in the Blood Bowl.

BGSU has won the Blood Bowl the previous two years.

Last year, the University received 642 votes from student donors while Toledo had 440 votes.

“It’s a traditional rivalry between the two institutions, but more importantly, a joined effort to save lives,” said Bonnie Meridieth, American Red Cross Recruitment Manager.

Pearson stressed the importance of students giving blood.

“One donation saves up to three lives,” she said.

The Blood Bowl was inspired by a similar competitive blood drive held between Michigan University and Ohio State University.

The Toledo Fire Department and Police Department hold a blood donation competition as well, participating in their 12th event this year.