UniGraphics alumni share experiences

Dan Myers and Dan Myers

UniGraphics, the agency that creates graphic design materials for the University, is sponsoring “Design Migrations: UniGraphics’ Best,” a show featuring a design gallery and lecture series held today.

The lectures feature 10 former UniGraphics interns, who have jobs in the field of graphic design. They will speak about a variety of topics, including staying creative, getting internships and working with web design.

In addition to the lectures, a gallery of over 300 works created by professional UniGraphics alumni and graduates of the School of Art’s design division is on display at the Fine Arts Building’s Willard Wankelman Gallery from now until Jan. 18.

The entire show is curated by UniGraphics Creative Director Paul Obringer, who has worked with over 50 interns since the internship’s start 10 years ago.

Besides giving students a chance to learn from experienced workers, Obringer said he brought the alumni back to get back in touch with them.

“I wanted to see how they’re doing,” Obringer said. “I think it’s real important that the University does that [keeps in touch with alumni].”

UniGraphics is also working on a website where alumni will be able to submit their portfolios for businesses to evaluate.

“It’s about time we’ve finally done that,” Obringer said of the website’s development.

The alumni volunteered to return to the University and give lectures. “They all had a great experience [at UniGraphics], they all wanted to come back,” Obringer said.

Among the presentations, Obringer pointed out two of the more notable ones.

Kevin Hughes, who is presenting “Surviving the Design Gauntlet” at 10:30 this morning, backpacked through Europe before doing design work in Scotland and landing a job in Chicago.

“Hughes’ lecture is interesting because he has been all over the world, he’s well-cultured,” Obringer said.

Another interesting lecture, according to Obringer, will be Ivan Wesley’s “Synergy: Solutions with No Limits.” It will teach students how to build strong relationships and improve networking.

Tomorrow, Design Migrations continues with a portfolio review for graduating high school students, two-year community college students and senior designers graduating from the University.

Over 20 designers and faculty will review student portfolios from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Fine Arts Building, rooms 129, 1022, 1101, 1104 and 1215.

Following the review will be a reception from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for students to meet with the designers.

This is Design Migrations’ first year of what is planned to be an annual event in an effort to strengthen ties with UniGraphics’ alumni.

“I want to establish a network of all these designers to help with their professions,” Obringer said. “I wanna take care of our alumni.”

Tickets for the lecture series and portfolio review are $5 for University students, $10 for the general public and free to University design club members.

The gallery display is free to the public.