Olscamp Welcomes new Coffee Spot


Crimson Cup soon to be located in Paul J. Olscamp Hall. 

Jess Oberski | Reporter

BGSU Dining will open a new coffee spot in the Paul J. Olscamp Hall called the Crimson Cup in November.

Olscamp was once home to a Dunkin’ Donuts cart, which made it a quick and convenient stop for coffee and donuts. Crimson Cup, intended to be a more permanent site, will offer similar services such as coffees, teas and smoothies as it is a regional coffee company based in Columbus. 

BGSU Dining Director of Marketing and Communications, Jon Zachrich, said the new shop will work with local markets to bring in goods.

“We are also going to be partnering with some local bakeries in town. It used to be called Simples Market but now it is called Sweet Stop, where we are going to be sourcing our donuts and I think also our muffins will be coming from them as well. So those will be able to be purchased at Crimson Cup in Olscamp,” Zachrich said.

Crimson Cup will be set up as a mini coffee shop and there will be a full menu but as time goes on, some items that prove to be less popular will be taken off of the menu to tailor the location to BGSU patron favorites. 

“I am really excited because we can really do what we want with this partnership. We have been given a lot of freedom when it comes to the menu and we will really be able to tailor it to the students,” Zachrcich said.

Additionally, Zachrcich said that there is a need for another coffee spot for students as campus returns to its full capacity and the university moves towards a new, post-COVID normal. 

Crimson Cups’ price point will be on par with Einstein Bros, making it slightly more affordable than Starbucks and some of the coffee spots in the BG downtown district. 

The new location will be cashless but will accept Falcon Dollars, BG1 Dollars and credit or debit cards as forms of payment. 

Crimson Cup will have a soft opening approximately one week before the official opening where patrons will be able to try drinks for free while the staff is training. Keep an eye on the BGSU Dining social media, @bgsudining for an official opening date. 

Preview the menu and find more information on Crimson Cup at https://www.crimsoncup.com/.