Ukrainian salon owner celebrates one year of business in Bowling Green

Inside the lobby at NiceHairChair in Bowling Green.

Emily Dimick

Inside the lobby at ‘NiceHairChair’ in Bowling Green.

Emily Dimick, Reporter

Alina Abramenko moved to Bowling Green from Ukraine, with her son and husband in 2019. She studied cosmetology at a school in Toledo and later opened her own salon, called NiceHairChair, where she focuses on helping girls meet their hair goals.  

When Abramenko was 18 years old in Ukraine, she decided to pursue a career in environmental engineering. She thought it would be a better career choice, as she said being a hairstylist in Ukraine means “you’re just sweeping someone’s hair.” After getting a degree in environmental engineering, Abramenko realized it wasn’t what she wanted to do. 

Photo of Alina Abramenko (Courtesy of Alina Abramenko)

Being a single mom in Ukraine meant she needed a job that would be more flexible. She decided to shadow the top hairstylist in her city. Shortly after she met her husband she decided to move to the United States and focus on cosmetology. 

At 28 years old, Abramenko came to the U.S. and started cosmetology school in Toledo. This was slightly difficult for her as she was trying to learn English and cosmetology, while also battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite facing challenges, she made it through, passed her cosmetology exam and got licensed. 

From there, Abramenko rented a chair at Bliss Salon in Bowling Green for three days a week. A year later she decided it was time to open a salon by herself. Abramenko founded her salon in January, 2022. And on May 19, 2022, she cut her first client’s hair, who just happened to be her mother.

Abramenko expected her clientele to consist of mainly Russian and Ukrainian clients in the area because of their use of Russian as a primary language. 

“I was dreaming of traveling the world, but when I became a hairstylist, people from all over the world were in my chair, and it felt so good to meet and learn from them,” she said. “I have all the immigrants from all over South America, from everywhere. They all are the sweetest people and I’m just blessed,” she said.

Abramenko’s goal is to expand her clientele to college students, as she wants to help women who are tired of their ‘look’ and want a change. She said she wants to be a part of helping girls feel beautiful.

“It’s just priceless when you see someone so happy about themselves and smiling, it’s amazing,” said Abramenko. 

In May, Abramenko will be celebrating one year as a salon owner, and will offer different deals and discounts. She is also always looking for new clients to model for her social media.