Of Mice and Men members placed on probation

The lead singer and drum technician of the post hardcore band Of Mice & Men received a $200 fine and a year of probation at their preliminary hearing Monday morning following their charges of felonious assault.

Austin Carlile and Loniel Robinson II were arrested for assault in Bowling Green following a fight at 2:50 a.m. on March 30 outside of One 49 North. The band had performed at Cla-Zel earlier that night. The two were lodged in the Wood County Justice Center before being released the following Monday on April 1.

The band was unable to play its Detroit and Grand Rapids, Mich., shows that weekend with A Day To Remember, but was able to play its Cleveland show on April 1.

Carlile and Robinson plead no contest to the first degree misdemeanor charge and the prosecution recommended the penalties along paying restitution to the victim for his medical bills, which they are still waiting to receive.

Tom Matuszak, assistant county prosecutor, said he didn’t pursue jail time because the “case didn’t warrant it.”

Both Carlile and Robinson declined to comment.

Of Mice &Men is scheduled to perform its next show Tuesday in Nashville, Tenn., with A Day To Remember and Issues.