Album Review: Save Rock and Roll

Dylanne Petros and Dylanne Petros

Grade: A

“Oh no we won’t go/’Cause we don’t know when to quit,” lead singer Patrick Stump sings on the final track of Fall Out Boy’s latest album, “Save Rock and Roll.”

The band may have been gone for four years but they are back and they are ready to save rock and roll once again.

The title itself is ironic for the band because “Save Rock and Roll” is not a rock album at all. Fall Out Boy mixes rock with 80’s punk and dubstep to create their new sound.

The album opens with the ever so addicting, “The Phoenix.” The cry for listeners to “put on [their] war paint,” gets fans ready for the comeback of the year.

“Where Did the Party Go” is a song that is, lyrically, a classic Fall Out Boy song. One-liners such as, “My old aches become new again/my old friends become exes again” are featured in the song and remind listeners of the “From Under the Cork Tree” days.

“Sometimes before it gets better/The darkness gets bigger/The person you’d take a bullet for/Is behind the trigger,” creates the chorus of “Miss Missing You,” which is another highlight on the album. The song sounds like something that Stump would have put on his solo album, “Soul Punk,” but the song fits with the sound that the band is creating on “Save Rock and Roll.”

“Death Valley” is a song that sticks out on the album because of the dubstep that is used about three minutes into the song. The dubstep creates a layer to “Death Valley” that will make it a fan favorite.

After “Death Valley” there is a break in the music with the acoustic tune, “Young Volcanoes.” The song has a happy upbeat feel to it, and because of the acoustics, it could potentially be the unofficial summer anthem.

Finally, “Save Rock and Roll,” featuring Sir Elton John, closes out the album. After four years of being gone, the band reminds fans that they will always be there no matter what. Before leaving listeners, Fall Out Boy gives a word of advice to their fans to remember: “You are what you love/Not who loves you.”