Sports might not be everyone’s strong suit

Whenever I think about sports, confusion comes to mind. My dad used to take me to baseball, basketball and football games all the time when I was little. I would always pay attention to what was going on but I never truly understood.

I didn’t understand what an inning was, how long each inning was, or any sports jargon that dealt with each sport.

You will probably think I am an idiot by the time you are done reading this column, but it’s the truth. I just don’t understand sports.

I’m the girl in the crowd during a game, constantly asking whoever I’m with, “what is going on?’” or “what just happened?” or “what does that mean?”

I’m also the girl who cheers because everyone else is cheering. I’m not sure why I’m cheering, but I do it to cover up my stupidity.

Needless to say, my dad stopped taking me to games.

You would think after being taken to multiple different sports games, I would eventually catch on to what is going on but I just don’t.

I don’t want to make myself sound like a complete idiot because I know what a touchdown or a basket is. I can also wrap my head around the basic rules of sport games. I just don’t understand the fine details of rules and when certain points are scored and why.

I feel like I need to study sport rules and guidelines to feel prepared when I go to games so I don’t look like an outcast.

When I hear people talking about sports, they are usually using terms that sound like a different language to me. When people are referring to past games and players I’ve never heard of before, I have no idea who they are and why.

Overall, I found it best just to pretend to know what they are talking about and leave it at that. Nod your head and smile is what I tell myself.

It’s embarrassing not knowing a single thing about sports when I have so many people in my life that watch and play them. My suggestion to people who are going through the same thing as me is to study those rules and players of games so you too, don’t look like a dummy like myself.