Piasecki sworn in as fourth ward for City Council

At the July 15 City Council Meeting, Rob Piasecki was sworn in as the Fourth Ward to take the place of Greg Robinette for the remainder of the year.

Piasecki said that he is excited to serve the Fourth Ward, and bring their issues forward to council.

Terry Lodge, an attorney in Toledo spoke to council about some of the dangers posed by fracking such as the dumping of radioactive waste.

“We are going to soon learn it is a Ponzi scheme,” Lodge said.

Lodge talked about how the issue is not truly in the hands of Council, and asked if people know the dangers posed by fracking and why it is being considered.

Richard Edwards, the mayor of Bowling Green said that he had a meeting with people from the petroleum industry.

“They wanted to come in and present us with a copy of state law,” he said.

Edwards said members who gave the presentation were made aware they could meet with the public and take questions.

They did not attend the Council Meeting.