Lance Armstrong’s steroid use unimportant, all athletes use them

Ryan Grof and Ryan Grof

I find it humorous that people have the audacity to talk badly about Lance Armstrong. The man is a hero and an inspiration.

Yes, he took steroids. No, I don’t care. Why? Because this is America, that’s why.

It blows my mind that as Americans, we are strutting around on our high horses pretending to care even a little about a French bicycle race or its participants.

It’s the “Tour de France.” If it were the “Tour de America,” I would be incredibly invested in that competition.

If it were the “Tour de America,” I might even try riding a bike again.

If it were the “Tour de America,” I would totally care about it more than my future children.

If it were the “Tour de America,” I would be a pompous clown about it and verbally trounce anyone who calls it “biking” instead of “cycling.” But it’s not, so I don’t care.

The U.S. all but rejects every sport that isn’t football, baseball or basketball. I can’t remember a time other than the World Cup or Olympics when Americans cared about soccer.

So why are we pretending we care about a “sport” like cycling now? Because Lance Armstrong lied?

Oh, so he is just like every other human on the planet who lies to protect themselves and their reputation? I am truly shocked and destroyed by this series of obvious events.

People act like they are shocked that he took steroids. Really? Everyone in that sport takes some sort of physical enhancement substance.

Technically, you could even call Gatorade a physical enhancement substance since it has things we need like electrolytes.

If cyclists didn’t take steroids then they clearly never thought about winning and were probably the same people that had bells, little streamers hanging off their handlebars and baseball cards clipped to their spokes so it would sound like a dirt bike.

Lance Armstrong will always be a hero and inspiration regardless of his use of steroids because he battled and defeated testicular cancer and still found a way to get out there to compete and win.

His use of steroids is a null point. The fact that he had cancer and likely spent everyday worrying about it and still won a grueling race blows my mind.

Quit ragging on the guy. He’s my hero.

Ride on, Lance. You’re the hero cycling deserves, but not the one we need right now.

So we’ll accuse him of doping because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector.

A dark knight … or something like that.

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