Student lands internship on TV show Pawn Stars



Working on the set of a popular television show is just a dream for some students, but for senior telecommunications major Morgan Ward, it’s what she gets to do every day.

Ward is currently working on the set of Pawn Stars as an intern, and has previously worked on the set of Hillbillies for Hire, and Lifetime’s show One Born Every Minute.

She found an interest in television production when she was 15-years-old and she was cast on the MTV show MADE.

“I was made into a cheerleader,” she said. “It is genuinely what I wanted to do, and to not be so shy.”

During the filming of the episode, the director stayed with her family.

“My parents felt bad that he was living in a hotel room, and had him stay in the basement,” Ward said. “It was easier for him because he was filming me 18 hours out of the day,” Ward said. “My mom would give him a good meal, and we became pretty close. He honestly is like my older brother.”

After Morgan’s episode of MADE she began to show an interest in the field.

Keeping in touch with her director from MADE ended up benefiting her when he became the producer of Pawn Stars.

“I’m very lucky that I got it,” she said. “My producer wouldn’t have put me on it if he thought I would suck, and I’m not treated any different. I still get yelled at.”

On the different sets Ward has worked on, she has done a variety of different jobs. When she works on the set of Pawn Stars she does many different tasks.

“I sign away extras, I sign away release forms, I make sure everything is stocked, I have to talk to the sellers, I have to talk to the experts, I charge batteries, I charge walkies [walkie-talkies]; I literally do all the grunt work, if you need me to set up a light I’ll set up the light,” Ward said.

Ward loves the things she does during her internship, but she especially likes the variety she sees every day.

“I have the same job everyday where I shoot video and talk to people and make a show, but at the same time I have something new walk in my door every single day,” she said. “I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow and that’s awesome.”

Internships are extremely important, especially for students planning to go into the entertainment or media fields, Ward said.

“I learned everything I ever wanted to learn from working in the field, — You think you know all the stuff about cameras and stuff, and you do know the camera side of the production, but you don’t know how to work with the talent and there are just certain aspects you need to learn,” she said.

Kathy Ward, Morgan’s mother is extremely supportive of Morgan’s career choice.

“She started doing stuff with her [high school] news team, she was the news anchor,” Kathy said.

Kathy can see her daughter continuing in the television field, but possibly working in a different aspect of it.

“Eventually she made end up doing more history-like stuff,” she said. “She is a history buff especially about the civil war.”

Zach Porach, Ward’s boyfriend thinks her working on Pawn Stars shows her dedication for what she does.

“She’s extremely passionate especially which can be seen in the fact that she pretty much dropped her whole life to go and work on this internship, and how she’s just thrown herself into it,” he said.

Porach hopes that through all these internships Ward does she will be able to continue in the field.

“I hope it helps her break through into the TV world and it gets her a job,” he said.

Even though it can be difficult for Ward and Porach to be far apart, he continues to support her.

“I definitely support her,” Porach said. “This is what she wants to do and I’m about it.”