The Hump Day Review brings local acts to The Stone’s Throw

Pulse Reporter and Pulse Reporter

Patrons of The Stones Throw Tavern and Grill can look forward to the Hump Day Revue, an open-ended variety show.

The variety show provides a wide range of entertainment and encourages anyone with a talent to come and perform every Wednesday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Timmy Concannon, founder and host of the Hump Day Revue, said even though musicians fill most of the spots in the weekly lineup, other acts have included actors, comedians, poets and dancers.

“Everything goes in the Hump Day Revue and people know that they are welcome to perform whatever they want,” Concannon said.

Senior Jeremy Kemper enjoys the amount of performances they fit into the show.

“They usually have a fun show whenever I go,” Kemper said. “If I am not feeling a performance I can leave for a minute and grab a drink and by the time I get back they have something else going on.”

Weather reports with a comical twist and a performance of sock puppets doing renditions of major movies are just a few of the obscure performances that Concannon has seen mixed into the show.

Junior Mike Hanna attends the Hump Day Revue for the easy-going pace of the show.

“It really is a good place to have a relaxing night out and have a few drinks with friends,” Hanna said. “Its not like other shows where you feel like you need to stay seated and quiet. The host and performers seem like they are just happy to hang out and have a good time with the show.”

The variety show has been a weeknight entertainment fixture in Bowling Green since Concannon started the entertainment at Grumpy Dave’s Pub in April 2010.

“I really pride myself in creating something where people from all walks of life and interest are able to come out and perform together,” Concannon said.

The show has remained popular throughout the years, and has grown since the move to The Stones Throw Tavern and Grill last year, Concannon said.

“We have had really great crowds and vibes at [The] Stones Throw,” Concannon said.

The audience is just as important to the success of the Hump Day Revue as the performers each week, Concannon said.

The variety show is supposed to be a fun, random night,” Concannon said. “We try to keep it really light, and the audience has been really great about encouraging the performers and making it fun for everyone.”

Upcoming special guests for the variety show include performances by father-daughter duo Anna and Tom Gorman on June 26 and Acoustic Penguin on July 24.