Students decorate room for holidays, personalize space to relieve stress

From miniature Christmas trees to USB light-up Menorahs, decorating for the holiday season is something some students take very seriously.

Sarah Waters, director of Residence Life said she sees many students decorate their rooms with different things.

“What I see most is students will get colored lights, and they will hang them around their window or maybe drape them around the mirror,” she said.

Waters said it is also common for her to see miniature trees if the students celebrate Christmas.

“One of the cool things I’ve seen is there are so many small things that plug into a USB drive,” Waters said. “So students will plug in a flashing snowman or I’ve even actually seen a USB menorah that lights up.”

Freshman Matt Katzenmayer said being an avid decorator when he lived at home, he had to find a way to do the same at the University.

“I go crazy and all out at home. I’ve got the whole musical light show, and the 25-foot snowman,” he said. “I needed to keep myself occupied while I was here, and to remind myself of home, and make myself more comfortable while I’m here.”

In Katzenmayer’s room, he has lights strung around the room as well as different light up figurines and an artificial tree.

Sophomore Rodrigo Patterson decorated not only his room, but also the common room in his suite.

“In my room I’ve got the little ornament wall sticks, and I’ve got a mini Christmas tree,” he said.

In the common area Patterson has lights strung around the white board as well as two poles decorated to look like a present.

“I love decorating,” Patterson said. “It’s kind of a stress reliever, especially when it comes time for finals.”

When it came to decorating, Patterson was the one who did all the decorating.

“It was mainly me,” he said. “One of my suitemates is Jewish so I made sure to include some Hanukkah stuff as well.”

Waters said one of the big concerns of Residence Life when it comes to decorations is making sure they meet the safety requirements in the Community Living Standards.

“We know that students like to personalize their space and make it feel like home, and if that means decorating for various holidays, students are permitted to have decorations according to the Community Living Standards,” she said.