Tips on keeping your security deposit

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As students move out of their apartments, getting back security deposits can be important.

Greenbriar manager John Maurer said the subject of security deposits are taken serious by rental agencies and should be by renters.

“[A security deposit is] not taken as seriously as it should be,” Maurer said.

Here are tips on keeping a security deposit when moving out of an apartment.

1.) Treat apartments as if they are a home. Don’t treat them as if they’re a one-year “throwaway.”

2.) Keep the apartment clean, especially oven and stove, which are one of the most common issues with security deposits, said Steve Green, owner of Mecca Management.

3.) Communicate with landlords and make sure to know what condition they expect it to be in.

4.) Document the condition of the apartment and keep photos for documentation.

5.) Be thorough when looking for damages and stating the conditions of the apartment.