Local carpenter crafts city’s new podium and seal

Jackie Elliott and Jackie Elliott

The city of Bowling Green received a handcrafted wood podium and seal to add to the town, made by Clayton Baker, an equipment operator and building manager for the Public Works Department.

Baker has been working for the city of Bowling Green since 1999. He said he got into wood crafting by growing up around it.

“My dad and my uncles were carpenters,” Baker said. “So I’ve just always been interested in wood working.”

The piece that he created was made of 11 different types of wood. Some of those woods include solid oak, and woods imported from Brazil and Africa. Municipal administrator John Fawcett was impressed by Baker’s work.

“It’s a work of art,” he said. “I believe it could be displayed at any art show.”

The wood podium took several hours to make and used no artificial coloring. Public Works Director Brian Craft said they priced several catalogues to make the podium. Craft said they were too expensive and decided to have the piece made in-house.

“We know Clayton is very talented,” he said. “We decided to take advantage of our talents in Bowling Green.”

Baker does not just work for the Bowling Green Public Works Department. He also has his own business called Clayton’s Creations. He said it’s a part of his hobby and a way to keep busy.

“I just really like making things with my hands,” he said.

Baker makes gifts for family and friends. He said he sells the occasional piece to pay for wood and other tools. He has a Facebook page where he says people will give him ideas for what to create.

Baker has created things from animals to cars and different figures.

“I’ve created a 3-D wood puzzle,” he said. “Where you cut out, sand, and put it all back together, made out of exotic woods.”

He said that is the most unique thing that he has been asked to create. For the most part he gets typical requests for things like desks and cabinets.

As a city employee, Baker said he stays pretty busy.

Baker maintenances city buildings when requested. Maintenance requires things like plumbing and electrical. The woodwork he does for the city is also typical.

He has also made bulletin boards and cabinets for the administration building.

“If somebody wants something built we try to build it in-house,” Baker said.