Dream cars available for viewing

Residents and visitors of the community and surrounding areas alike can now visit Snook’s Dream Cars Automobile Museum to view older-styled cars.

At Snook’s, visitors have the opportunity to walk around and see over 30 different old-fashioned cars from 1920 Ford Model-Ts to old time Ford Mustangs.

In addition, the entire museum is decorated with displays of multiple 1940s items such as old slot machines, arcade games and Texaco memorabilia.

Jeff Snook, owner of the museum, said he has been collecting lots of old car parts with his father for many years, hence one of the reasons for deciding to open up the business.

“We had to have a place to put all this cool stuff,” Snook said.

People from all 50 states and several different countries such as Germany and Israel have come to visit the museum ever since it opened in 2002 from the efforts of a senior project through University Design Department.

Snook said that the museum receives a couple hundred visitors each year.

Snook has multiple ways of telling the public about his business. For example, he has mentioned Snook’s in the catalog, “Along I-75,” for people such as seniors to look at on their way down to Florida or other southern places for the winter.

Snook has also promoted the business through television spots, radio, newspapers and magazines, but has been using the Wood County Guide more recently to do so.

The museum also offers more than just vintage car displays. Snook and other museum employees also specialize in consignment selling, fixing cars, and holding corporate events for companies and firms such as June Eastman and Smith.

“I specialize in emptying your garage and filling your checkbook,” Snook said.

One example of this occurred when a woman’s husband passed away and his car took up room in the garage, so she took the car to Snook’s and had them sell it for her.

Snook’s is open to the public and is one of the only businesses of it’s kind in Northwest Ohio. General admission price is $6 all year long, while kids and tour groups are charged $4 and seniors are charged $5.

Snook’s is located on County Home Road off of Route 6 in southern Bowling Green.