City council considers annexation

Ashley Hardwick and Ashley Hardwick

City council discussed the problem of annexing and how the change could impact residents Monday.

At-large council member Sandy Rowland simplified the term annex as, “Bringing property into … the city as opposed to the township.”

“Lets consider the long term view. It’s going to cause problems and the overall decision is going to be a difficult one to make,” said council president Mike Aspacher. “It’s a lot of moving pieces and places.”

Every member is aware of the possible difficulties annexing can bring, but some are focused on the bigger picture.

“I think there’s more to think about than improving the entrance of the city. I want to know how to balance having a better entrance and focusing on the core of the city,” said at-large member Robert Mcomber.

While some members see the long term potential in the plan, Rowland thinks there are greater concerns that need to be addressed.

“I wanna see us fully staffed with our police department. I have the most respect for what they do,” Rowland said. “Until we can adequately staff our safety departments, I don’t not think we’re financially able to approve the plan. Right now I cannot support it.”

Mcomber thinks the plan will be worth it.

“It seems like in the short run, it’s gong to be a headache,” he said. “But in the long run I think it could be nice. I see some positive advantages in it and I came here tonight undecided.”

Not only do the members think the discussion on the topic needs improvement, but being able to answer all of the questions as well.

One concern that was addressed applies to tax payers and the possibility of an increase.

“That’s really scary to me,” Rowland said. “I don’t want to be responsible for that.”

The discussion was tabled to the upcoming meeting, October 20, and will be held an hour later than usual.