10 Tips/Hacks: Back To School Edition

By: Samantha Momeyer 

Falcon Media Staff

1. A rug for your room. Not only do rugs make your room feel more cozy and like home, but they also are a simple way to decorate. 

2. A planner. Simply said, I could not survive without a planner for school. They can be used to keep track of assignments, times for classes, and meetings, and also can be used like a journal. Overall, planners are the ultimate way to stay on top of your school work and any other responsibilities. 

3. Involve yourself ASAP. The sooner you get involved, the sooner you can make a name for yourself. Getting involved creates so many opportunities that you may have never even known existed. 

4. Fuel your body & take care of yourself. Food and water are essential for both the body and the mind. To be on our “A-game” we need to make sure we are keeping up with the little things that help us feel like the best versions our ourselves.

5. Find a mentor or someone to look up to. This can be an upperclassman, a celebrity, a professor, a parent, etc. Finding someone to take you under their wing can be one of the best parts of freshman year. It not only gives you another friend, but it’s someone you can learn from.

6. Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over some learning curves or not getting something right the first time you try. College can be extremely overwhelming and stressful but if you slow down and take things one step at a time, it becomes a little bit more manageable. Give yourself some credit for trying. 

7. Get enough sleep. One of the worst things you can do for yourself is getting in a bad habit of not sleeping enough. It’s not cool anymore to pull all-nighters like it was in high school. 

8. Put effort into establishing friends. Not everyone needs to become your best friend, but how will you know if you never put yourself out there or try? It’s always good to see a friendly face around campus and real friendships take time, so be patient. 

9. Stay busy. Find things that keep you happy and productive. Staying busy doesn’t mean you can’t have any downtime, but you’re here for a reason. Remember that and set realistic goals for yourself. 

10. Introduce yourself to professors. Professors love to be able to put a name to a face. If you ask lots of questions or want to get on their good side, definitely take the initiative to introduce yourself pleasantly and effectively. 

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