Local establishment “Two Foxes” a high quality bar, try it out for a great experience

With only a month of the semester left, times get stressful and it is nice to take a break and go for a walk.

However, that walk has to lead somewhere nice and that place for me is new local restaurant Two Foxes. It is home of the best burger money can buy here in Bowling Green, but for me the best burger I have ever had was served on a pretzel bun with fresh cut fries so crispy you will close your eyes on the first bite.

Owner Joshua Jaworski said it was he and his wife’s goal to open a place that serves good quality food and a drink. Behind the name Two Foxes is a unique idea where every item on the menu is matched with a drink, so two foxes is quite a foxy idea, indeed.

Jaworski has been a Bourbon and Whiskey connoisseur for a while and wanted to start a business that offered a nice drink to customers that was top shelf quality.

His wife thought it would be nice to offer a quality meal to go with it. At first, Jaworski was skeptical about the meal idea, but together they worked for five years to develop it. And a success it was, as I took a bite into a fresh burger and forgot about everything temporarily as I ate.

The meal arrived in just under 15 minutes, brought by a classy and friendly bartender. He brought a calm and cheery mood to the restaurant’s jazzy scene. He was concerned only about you having a good time and that I did.

It is a peaceful place to chat with friends and spend a few hours away from the stress of everyday business.

There is truly nothing like getting away and enjoying good food and a nice drink to compliment it. There is plenty of room for a little romance, good conversation and a good time at Two Foxes.

While there may be a pause in conversation to enjoy the freshly prepared food, there is plenty of time to enjoy the company of others while it all settles.

It is a creative environment and whether you want to have a good conversation or finish a book, Two Foxes is inviting and makes you feel welcome.

There is not a better price to fit between a pretzel bun and a quality beef patty with a side of fresh cut fries.

It is a challenge to really find a good place to eat that has good quality, service and a fair price that does not break the bank. It is nice to be able to get a quality food and drink experience without having to worry about the ticket, which can really distract from the enjoyment of going out to dinner.

The experience will not be forgotten and I guarantee that you will long to return again and again. There is just not a better place to enjoy yourself here in Bowling Green.

So grab a group of friends or a special someone and enjoy the experience.

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