Major League Baseball opening its season should excite you

It all started in Chicago this past Sunday.

The best time of year. The only season that matters. America’s pastime.

Call it what you want, but it’s finally here — baseball season is upon us.

Sure, the Super Bowl is nice. And in case you were wondering, Dez Bryant still caught it. Sure, the NBA has its shining moments, with the Splash Brothers, LeBron being LeBron and the exciting playoffs. Oh, and the Knicks will have the No. 1 pick! College basketball provided us all with an intriguing postseason for at least a couple days. It’s always fun to see Messi and Ronaldo among a few others do things with their feet that we can only dream of. And I’d bring up hockey, but who really cares?

But what it all comes down to is baseball. Just baseball.

Some people argue that the season is too long. More replay should be added. It needs to catch up with the times. I’ve tried to tune out the other requests.

These are what make baseball great.

Oh wait … you’ve heard this before and it’s just an excuse for a sport that just isn’t exciting?

Let me elaborate.

We’ve all witnessed the Cinderella story in college basketball, the eighth seed winning the Super Bowl, among other scenarios, but in baseball, you can’t have just one player, you can’t just be good for a month. Instead, you have to sustain above average of play with a stern level of consistency to have a chance.

And sure, once the playoffs hit, anything can happen, but it truly is the best team with best group of 25 players — not just a few stars — that carries a team to a championship.

This road has just begun.

Of course we can all laugh at the Cubs on opening night, at the Yankees on opening day, but with 161 games still to go, anything can happen. And I feel bad for you if this doesn’t excite you.

With teenagers making an impact, elders still holding down the fort, and the routine stars going about their business, there always seems to be a new story in baseball, despite the everlasting season.

The story only gets better from here, so find a TV, throw on a game and learn to appreciate the sport of baseball.

I’ll understand if you just can’t seem to enjoy it though — because baseball is a smart person’s sport.