Media Review: “Hyperview” by Title Fight

When a favorite band drastically changes its sound, a person’s gut reaction is often to rail against it.

That was my situation

this week.

I guess I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was. Title Fight’s album “Hyperview,” which came out on Tuesday, shows off a sound that they’ve been hinting at for the past two albums and one EP. I just didn’t expect them to go for that sound so hard this

time around.

While Title Fight has always shown some hints at the weird and atmospheric, they’ve always been firmly grounded in punk. Sure, there might be an odd, effects-laden guitar in the background, but at its core it’s generally been about playing fast.

“Murder Your Memory” is the opener for “Hyperview,” and serves to help get your feet wet. The song is slow, with a repetitive but catchy guitar riff at the forefront. Guitarist Jamie Rhoden calmly repeats “murder your memory” in a tone that’s indicative of what’s to come.

“Murder Your Memory” is one of the slower songs on the album, but serves as a good indicator of what’s to come. Immediately, lead single “Chlorine” comes in, battering the listener with familiar punk sound and speed, but it’s different. Processed crashes of guitar punctuate the song. It really tore me away from that comfortable feeling from the first song.

While I didn’t experience that jarring shift again when listening to the album, I found myself consistently surprised by the band. The songs all sound the same, in a way, but Title Fight somehow made

it work.

The opening of “Your Pain is Mine Now” is soft, which is a sound this band has never really embraced before.

That’s the theme throughout this album: embracing every new sound they can make come out of their guitars. “Head in the Ceiling Fan” on Floral Green is the closest this band had ever come to this sound beforehand, but I would never have guessed that would one day be baseline.

Listening to Title Fight’s latest album “Hyperview” is likely going to be a bit jarring for those of you who have followed this band from the beginning. I still really don’t know what to think about it. It’s good music, definitely, but the part of my brain that hates change rages whenever I listen to it. Honestly, though, that’s probably what they wanted.

Mission accomplished, guys.