Big Fab Lab allows members to create, sell art


Artwork created by members at Big Fab Lab

Organizations often use memberships to give members access to their services, but Big Fab Lab offers some unusual services.

The Big Fab Lab is a workshop with a gym membership-like system, allowing members access to metal working shop, a wood shop, a 3-D printing machine and a soon to be auto shop,

According to, “Big Fab Lab, LLC is an open-access 24/7 workshop that serves people in the Northwest Ohio region. We will provide the equipment, classes, private storage and studio space, and personal assistance to a membership community that allows them to prototype and develop any idea they can imagine… We will also provide retail space so that our members can test market and sell their creations!”

Big Fab Lab is located within the Woodland Mall. In front of the shop is a small retail area where members can sell and test-market their goods.

Owner Mark Bowlus says this makes the establishment unique.

“We all have an idea rattling around that we’d like to prototype and develop. One of the unique things you can do here is develop the idea, collaborating with other people who have information and knowledge that you don’t have,” said Bowlus.

In Bowling Green alone, Big Fab Lab has attracted members from a wide variety, whether it be crafters, ceramic artists, people in need of work shop space, retirees, people developing products to sell and many more.

Bowlus says that he has hopes to bring Big Fab Lab to University students in hopes of having more of collaboration.

“I am working with University administrators to bring Fab Lab access to the student body. I’m especially excited about the possibility of partnering with The Hatch program to provide a prototyping space for the contestant entrepreneurs,” said Bowlus.