Why are you here?

Tabitha Holowka and Tabitha Holowka

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For this page of the paper, we invite and encourage students and professors from all walks of life to contribute, both writing columns and creating cartoons. In the past, our contributors have submitted thought pieces on grief, political musings, opinions, ethics, comedy, right and wrong and everything in between. We want The BG News to be a platform for perspective, meaning we want to collect and share stories and ideas from all the people that make up the population of the university and community at large.

I have copy edited with The BG News for about a year now, after stumbling upon their table at Campus Fest last fall. I thought it was something I could do well and more importantly, it would take me out of my comfort zone of being somewhat reclusive, having only occasionally been involved in things outside of my classes. I came in on my scheduled shifts, read and corrected journalists’ stories and was able to contribute to headlines and teasers. Now I am an editor, and while I am nervous about my performance, I feel ready to rise to the occasion.

I’m sure many of you are feeling similarly about your arrival to the University.

I advise you to not let that pass idly. That excitement, that nervous tremble; these are the emotions that keep us aware that there is much to be done. Harness those emotions and put that energy into all you do. Do not become discouraged if you get a little lost. Always remember why you are here and what you want to accomplish.

And so, why are you here? As a senior, the greatest piece of wisdom I have to impart is to ask yourself this question often. There will be many times when your path gets foggy before your mind’s eye, but remembering that your goals are still on the other side should help you cope with the momentary blocks that occur.

Not necessarily the type of sentiment you will be hearing too much of in your first steps here at the university, but important nonetheless. I hope you are ready to reach out to all the things ripe for picking here at the university, and contributing to the paper is one I sincerely hope you will consider.

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