Decisions affect future decisions of oneself and others

Bryant Misele and Bryant Misele

magine standing next to a quiet and motionless lake.

The unmoving water casts your reflection as if you were looking into a mirror.

You pick up a small stone and toss it into the lake.

Small ripples move away from where the stone hit the water, changing how you can see your reflection.

You pick up an even bigger stone and do the same thing.

This time, the stone hits the water with more force, causing a splash.

This splash creates several large ripples moving away from the stone’s impact.

Your reflection is even more unrecognizable.

However, after a short period of time, the movement of the water slows down and eventually stops.

The reflection you see is clear and recognizable once again.

What was the purpose of describing this scene?

Everyone knows tossing a stone into the water will cause a ripple effect.

This cliché is used all the time. Well, the older I get (yes, I know I am only 21), the more meaning comes with this idea.

I like to compare the stone to a decision one makes in his or her life.

The size of the stone is comparable to the size of the decision.

The reflection in the lake is equivalent to how a person sees himself or herself after this decision.

Each decision we make, big or small, causes a reaction.

No matter how big the stone people throw into the lake is, they will always be able to see their reflection once the ripples or waves die down.

Sometimes it just takes a little longer.

A decision to go back home rather than stay in Bowling Green for a weekend is something I would consider a small stone, basically a pebble.

The implications of this decision may not have a huge impact on how my life changes or how I view myself.

However, the choice to go to Bowling Green State University was like throwing a huge stone into the quiet lake.

The ripples became waves and my reflection was completely distorted.

These waves that came about after deciding to attend BGSU are the organizations I have joined, the friends I have made, and the experiences I have had.

While my reflection may be distorted, I find comfort in knowing that when the waves of BGSU slow down, my reflection will be one I am even more proud of. Roll Along!