Letter to the Editor: Advertisements ruin political discourse

It seems that I’d have a better chance of stubbing my toe on the pride of the ocean jewel that Rose threw off the edge of the Titanic than a reasonable political discourse these days.

For the better part of five days, I’ve been unable to watch a video on YouTube without seeing the “Obama’s Wall Street” ad.

Let me be candid — no party or politician is immune to mudslinging of some kind, but at only 20 years old, I think I’ve seen enough to realize we’ve hit an all time low in political discourse.

You can see bumper stickers saying “Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot” (obviously, referring to Obama); or of course the frequent online acronym “One Big Ass Mistake America” (O.B.A.M.A.).

Ironically, I really don’t feel that these ads are accomplishing much more than further entrenching an already embittered and polarized political landscape.

It seems some of these politicians are more adept at attacking each other than providing solutions to any real problems.

I’m frankly sickened by the immaturity and despicable public conduct of these individuals.

If they can’t win elections without attack ads and smears, then they should hang up the towel and go hide under a rock, because I am sick and tired of seeing my country’s reputation marred by politicians with agendas of hatred and malicious intent.

—Ian Zulick

[email protected]