Some separation can ease the pain

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I am a firm believer in the phrase, “Time heals all wounds.” Some separation, on a personal level, can be quite beneficial.

Case in point, prior to Spring break, I was on the brink of a meltdown with my friends. Their little idiosyncrasies and quirks were driving me insane. I felt if I had to be in the room with any one of them for one more week, then I would surely slap someone.

But then, break began to set in.

Within the first three days of not seeing these people, I began to miss them as human beings and how they contributed to my life, and after the week, I began to miss their weird mannerisms as well.

Coming back from break, I embraced these friends, the same friends I almost screamed at, with open arms. It gave me time to miss them and forget the previous problems I had with them.

I believe this time away from them made me realize what life would be like without them and how much I value every aspect of each of their personalities.

After all, their personalities and interests make up parts of my life.

This same theory can be applied to other aspects of life, let’s say, “partying.”

It seems like every Thursday and Friday, a good amount of people are updating their Facebooks and tweeting about how much they want to drink and get messed up, but then Saturday and Sunday mornings roll around and they are tweeting about how they are never going to drink again.

But give it a few days and they will be desiring the same activities they just denounced.

The days during the week, which separate each party, are just enough to allow you to cure and detox your mind and body.

It’s the perfect amount of time for you to forget about how bad you felt on Sunday morning and remember how good you felt Saturday night.

As with many theories, this can be applied to dating as well.

The phrase “taking a break” is tossed around, but how often do the relationships go back into full swing when the break is finished? I have never seen it.

That’s because many couples wait too long to have a little bit of separation.

A recent mass Facebook status proclaims the desire of having a man who would rather ditch his friends on the weekend and stay at home and plan for the future with his girlfriend.

If that were to happen all the time, everyone would go insane. I’m not afraid to say it. It would be horrific to be around the same person, all the time, talking about the future.

The reason my relationship is so functional is because there is a three to four day stretch in between times I get to see my girlfriend. It’s just enough to make me always miss her and it gives me time to hang out with my friends and acquire things to talk about when her and I are together.

In past relationships, when I was smothered by my partner, I would run out of things to say, I would get annoyed with the person’s quirks and I began to hate almost everything the individual did. But now, when I am granted freedom, I look forward to seeing my girlfriend every Wednesday and weekend.

A little time off between friends, girlfriends (and boyfriends) and many other wearing activities allows you to anticipate those things once again.

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, but just enough to keep you waiting couldn’t be better.

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