Students tap in to early arrival of spring beers

Reporter and Reporter

Spring in January and Summer in March.

Unseasonably warm weather is not only impacting clothing choices for students, it is dictating what they are drinking. Beer companies have been coming out with Spring and Summer beer selections a season early throughout the past few years.

Mike Grant, manager of the BG Liquor Outlet on East Wooster, said that spring beers come out earlier and earlier every year.

“We had Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy in the beginning of March,” Grant said. “It is like an arms race for beer companies.”

Grant explained why there is such a craze around seasonal beers.

“It is the one time a year you can get these beers,” Grant said. “People want something different than what they have been drinking, and breweries create a sense that there are availability problems.”

Beer drinkers can expect a lighter style and ingredient changes such as the addition of lemon or lime in their spring and summer drinks, Grant said.

Griffin Jones, co-owner of Reverends, explained a bit more of what makes a spring and summer beer different.

“These drinks are more hop forward, more citrus flavored and can have more fruity aspects,” Jones said. “As opposed to chocolate or caramel notes you would find in winter beers. You want something more refreshing for pounders as opposed to sippers.”

During this time of year, students will find more wheat ales and pilsners, Jones said. Jones makes sure “anything with a lighter body,” is on tap.

Issa Baiz, manager at Falcon Food Mart, is amazed by how early seasonal beers have come out this year.

“I was so surprised some of these beers came in when they did,” Baiz said. “Beer companies probably wanted to take advantage of the good weather.”

Baiz said that there are a lot of summer beers lining his shelves right now, and he does not remember summer beers being out so early last year.

“Sam Adams spring beer came out in winter, and by the time it was actually spring it was off the shelves,” Baiz said.

Nate Ballinger, an alumnus of the University and Bowling Green resident, said he loves spring and summer beers.

“It’s great to drink light, crisp, refreshing beers in warm weather,” Ballinger said. “A lot of people go nuts for fall beers; I go nuts for spring.”

Ballinger commented on spring and summer beers seemingly coming out earlier every year.

“Breweries are smart,” Ballinger said. “They know people get excited when they see new seasonal beers. The only downside is that people might get tired of a seasonal beer by the time it actually gets to the season.”

So break out the folding chairs, fill the coolers with ice and grab your favorite summer drink, because they are here, whether you are ready or not.