Movie Review: “The Woman in Black”


“The Woman in Black”

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Grade: B

“The Woman in Black” is a good old-fashioned horror film with an actual storyline and cinematography to set the mood.

The film revolves around loss and throughout the entire movie this is set with the darkness of every scene. The colors, the setting, the use of black crows and the play on superstition all combine to form a sadness the movie focuses on.

The horror did not come from shocking images of blood or gore like many horror movies lately, it came from the darkness.

At last, a scary movie has been made without the use of the “found footage” technique and I praise “The Woman in Black” for going back to good cinematography.

The noises in the night and the question of what stood just around the corner built suspense and thrill. The movie actually showed what caused the noises unlike “Paranormal Activity,” where audiences are expected to just jump at the sound.

“The Woman in Black” caused me to jump a few times, but it did not leave me jumping out of my seat with how scary it was either. I, however, felt that the scare was not the main purpose of the movie.

The story and the characters had depth to them, making the audience care about what happened in the end.

“The Woman in Black” also brought much anticipation about finally seeing Daniel Radcliffe act on the big screen in a movie other than the “Harry Potter” series.

I am not a big fan of Radcliffe as Potter. His acting in the first movie was not the best, but I do admit he has improved throughout the series.

Radcliffe in “The Woman in Black” proved that he could move on to other films without having to be stuck as the face of Harry Potter. It might be hard to imagine him as anyone else at first, but he did a stellar job at portraying his character and made me forget the idea of him as Potter.

“The Woman in Black” had a good story that sets a dark mood, but if you are looking for a scare, it might not be the movie to see. I still think the movie is worthy watching, but I would suggest waiting until it comes out on DVD.

What did you think of “The Woman in Black?” Did Daniel Radcliffe prove he could act as someone other than Harry Potter? Let Erin know your thoughts in the comments section below.